Young Syrian Inventor will Take part in the World TOYP Conference in Japan

Syrian youths seek  to develop and enhance their presence in different domains most notable of which are creativity and invention..

University students’ inventive projects are of great importance to show how students manage to benefit from their academic and theoretical study to prepare their own projects.

 Muhammad Araj, who is a student at the Mechatronic Department  at Tishreen University in Lattakia,  won the first place of the  scientific and technical development and invention category  at the national level within the  2020 JCI Ten  Outstanding Young Persons ( TOYP) competition.

The event was  organized by the  Junior  Chamber  International ( JCI)  in Lattakia for the year 2020 . Each year, the JCI honors ten outstanding  young people under the age of 40, through innovative actions, extraordinary achievements and dedication to serving others. Honorees create sustainable impact in their communities.

To shed light on his inventions Araj told the Syriatimes e-newspaper ““ I am a volunteer at the robotics  club in the  Lattakia’s branch of the Syrian Computer  Society  ( SCS) , and the owner of a startup  company at the SCS’S  incubator”

He highly appreciated the key role of the SCS in supporting his projects including the electronic palm  for   upper limbs amputees to help them meet their needs and an electric chair for people with  physical impairment,  which is  characterized by its ability to  go up and down the stairs with a safe mechanical movement of the wheels..

It is noteworthy to mention that the inventor Araj will take part in the world ten TOYP conference due to be held in Japan this year.

In turn , Head of the SCS branch in Lattakia  Eng. Maryam Fayyoud,  said  to Syriatimes “ the SCS  plays an  effective positive role constantly  in encouraging  the youths’ inventions and projects ,    ensuring   all forms of  financial  and scientific support and providing them a chance to display their inventions by participating in regional and local exhibitions and competitions”.

She highlighted the fact that Araj’s inventions stem from a human need  as they serve the local and international community and meet the needs of a wide category , especially those who have been  physically affected  by the war against Syria.

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam