A Syrian research team invents and manufactures sophisticated human body thermometers

Just as they proved themselves to be  the masters and protectors of the land during nine years of war against the enemies of humanity,  the Syrians are now proving in the scientific field that they are able to protect their country and their people against any threat , despite the coercive and unjust measures imposed by the West on their country, invent the best  solutions to the most critical issues ,with local capabilities and well qualified national cadres.

In this context , a research team under the supervision of Professor Carlo Y. Makdisie, made up of a number of students and engineers at Tishreen University, was able to manufacture and develop three different and multi-use thermometers that help in fighting coronavirus and detecting patients.

To learn more about this invention, Professor Makdisie told the Syria Times e-newspaper : "Out of our commitment to contribute to fighting   Corona epidemic that is sweeping the world, including our country and the neighboring countries,  we have established a research team of Syrian youth and students, who have manufactured and developed three different  multi-use thermometers:

- The human body programmable contact temperature meter.

- Adjustable critical temperature alarm.

- The human body programmable and non- contact temperature meter.

The prototype of the devices was manufactured and packaged in a "Plexi frame".

Prof. Makdisie went on to say: " the human body temperature is usually measured by a traditional scale which is placed inside the human cavity for 3 minutes and its accuracy is not high . As for the equipment manufactured by the research team, it depends on measuring the temperature at any point in the human body within 10 seconds (front, behind the ear, neck, palm)  with high accuracy and lower costs than its imported counterparts, with the ability to save data for  the patients.".

He made it clear that all the  handmade devices have been manufactured and implemented by the research team using materials presented in the local market. These devices are used with high reliability in the medical field in the current situation and in the future, they can be used in various industrial fields as well".

Professor Carlo stressed the willingness of the research team to design and implement other facilities such as: sterilization devices and respirators if they receive support and funding and they are ready to work for free to face this epidemic and other epidemics, pointing out that  these devices are considered a simple contribution by the research team to their country and their people.

It is worth noting that the research team consists of:

Prof. Carlo Y. Makdisie,

Rami K. Kassem (Student)

Jafar I. Qureiosh (Eng)

Ali H. Ghanem (student) and

Mahmoud L. Kamel (student)


Interviewed by: Amal Farhat