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Syrian comes first among foreign students at Beijing University

Beijing (ST):  Syrian engineer Fadi Waleed Farha has come in first rank for the year 2019 as the best foreign student in Beijing University for Science and Technology, China.

In a statement, Fadi said that he came first due to the research papers he submitted and the cultural and scientific activities he took part in the university, noting that he participated in the annual festival held by the University and presented a paper about Syria's eventful history and rich civilization.

Fadi said that Syria has always been present at international scientific and cultural arenas thanks to the creative capabilities of Syrian students and researchers.

Fadi concluded that he was eager to return to his homeland after obtaining his Ph.D. to teach at Aleppo University.

Fadi was given a scholarship to China by Aleppo University after he came first at the Faculty of Informatics, the Department of Computer Systems and Networks.