Syrian students design a device to generate electricity by using the "piezoelectric" technology

Three students from the Faculty of Technical Engineering at Tartous University were able to design a device to generate electricity by walking using "piezoelectric" technique.

The device generates electrical energy through the passage of people and pedestrians in the streets or cars on the roads. It generates electricity through “pressing” techniques” or by pressing on it.

Students were able to design a laboratory model that is not applied, but effective and can generate electricity, withstand high pressure and high effort. It can generate electricity by applying a 1 kN / 3 cc force on the scattered pieces of the device giving approximately 12 thousand volts.


The project won first place in a local competition in the Faculty of Engineering at Tartous University and participated in several competitions in Syria.

The "piezoelectric" technique is one of the pioneering technologies around the world in generating electricity, and it relies on permanently polarized electrical materials as it contains positive charges on one side and negative charges on the other side, and if this material is subjected to pressure it produces electrical impulses.


Lama Razzouk