A Thesis for a Syrian student that won first place at the level of Pannonia University

Budapest _ ST the Syrian student, Muhammad Al-Abrash, won first place at the level of the University of  Pannonia in Hungary for his thesis in the field of developing the quality of asphalt during the competitive conference held by the university last month.

Al-Abrash who holds a master’s degree said to SANA that “the idea came during a review of the daily training workflow last August where I noticed that the quality of polymeric asphalt could be increased in simple ways by observing the results of the tests after mixing the samples.”


Al-Abrash who is a graduate of the Al-Baath University for Chemical Engineering and a master’s student at Pannonia University, suggested some adjustments to the proportions and mixing conditions. After the experiment and implementation, the results were satisfying with very high quality.

Al-Abrash shared his thesis in the conference, which included participants from different local and international nationalities, and he will participate in the General Conference for Scientific Creativity in 2021.


Lara Khouli