A Syrian Gets the Best Innovation Award for the Category of Technological Projects in Russia

A young Syrian man Basil Suleiman won the Best Innovation Award in the competition of the 50 best innovative ideas in technology, economics, education and society that was held in Kazan, Russia, in which thousands of students, teachers, researchers and academics from the Russian Federation and abroad competed.


Suleiman, a PhD student at the Kazan University of Technology, explained that he had presented an innovation in the field of digital hydro geochemical  engineering that proposes a new direct method for assessing the “ionic” composition of rivers, seas, oceans, and formation water for oil and gas fields using a data analysis algorithm based on density measurement, refractive index and electrical conductivity and its application in hydro-chemical fields such as developing floating control devices, marine scanners, geological analysis devices for groundwater and formation water in oil and gas fields.

According to Suleiman, the innovation includes a new unified measure to intensify information on the main ionic compounds in water and put it on an uninterrupted hydro geological map to determine the hydrodynamic link in the groundwater and formation water of the oil fields, pointing out that he obtained the recommendation from the "Innocame" innovative industrial group and from the Department of Geological Exploration at "Tatneft" company.

Suleiman continued, "I faced some difficulties during my preparation for innovation over the past four years. The invention to succeed necessitated the need to conduct hundreds of experiments, put measurements and data in tables to analyze them, find relationships and connections between them, and try to develop them to improve results", noting the role of supervisor Professor Vyacheslav Fyodorovich Nikolayev, Department of Technology of Organic and Petrochemical Compounds at Kazan State Technological University, who paved the way for him to reach this achievement.

Suleiman concluded: "I consider this victory a step in a long way of learning, work and achievement .This is a message to Syrians that every person must master his work and lay the foundation stone in building the future of his homeland to achieve international excellence, pointing to the excellence of the Syrian youth in expatriation countries in the various  scientific, professional, cultural and artistic fields.


Amal Farhat