Do YOU hate cilantro? Scientists say the answer could be in your DNA

When it comes to cilantro, conversations often tend to get heated – you either love it or hate it.

The controversial herb has sparked many a debate at the dinner table, and according to a new video, the reason may be in your DNA, according to Daily Mail.

Scientists have found that a slight variation in a chromosome linked to your sense of smell may cause some people to perceive the flavour of cilantro as predominantly ‘soapy.’

The new video explores the so-called ‘cilantroversy’ in which people have become so divided on the herb.

Cilantro leaves are a common garnish on all sorts of dishes, from tacos to noodles, and the seeds, known as coriander, are a staple among the spices.

But, some people simply cannot stand the taste.

 ‘Cilantro bears the burden of being one of the most divisive herbs known to humankind,’ the video explains.

‘Every person has a different taste in food, but this ‘cilantroversy’ is so distinct in population that it’s led scientists to ask if there’s an actual physical difference in cilantro haters.’

According to Reactions, roughly 4-14 percent of people is estimated to hate the taste of cilantro.

These people may be part of a subgroup known to have a genetic mutation that’s been linked to an aversion to cilantro, with people describing it as tasting ‘soapy or dirt-like.’

These terms, the researchers note, are often associated with the smells given off by raw fats, bugs, and cosmetics.

The variation is what’s known as a single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), in which an area of chromosome 11 tends to be different for cilantro-haters than the rest of the people.

This region is directly related to your sense of smell, according to Reactions.

In rodents, researchers have found that a version of the odor-detecting gene OR682 binds to a ‘cilantro-abundant’ group of molecules known as aldehydes.

While two compounds in this group are known to create an earthy, sweet, green aroma, another compound creates a ‘soapy’ taste.

‘That SNP mutation mentioned earlier may cause cilantro-haters to experience these E-2-Alkenals differently than the rest of us, ultimately making them the dominant flavour of the plant,’ the Reactions video explains.

‘But at this point, scientists still haven’t discovered the exact mechanism behind the soapy phenomenon.’