Are bugs giving you the flu?

Almost 1,500 viruses have been found in the bugs and spiders that live in homes and backyards according to Daily mail.

The remarkable number of diseases has been uncovered in insects, spiders and worms - those insects surrounding humans in their day-to-day lives.

The number has baffled researchers who say it's far more than ever thought before.

The study claimed the number of diseases even're-writes the virology textbook'.

In the study found that human diseases like the common flu was derived from those diseases found in insects.

And while the study showed that invertebrates like insects were the 'true hosts for many types of virus' researchers revealed it was not all bad news.

Professor Edward led the project and said although humans were surrounded by the viruses, they did not transfer easily.

 While insects like mosquitoes were well-known for their potential to transmit viruses like the dangerous zika and dengue, Professor Holmes said the majority of insects shouldn't be feared because most were not transferable to humans.

The ground-breaking study results, which were released on Thursday, also reveal good news for human diseases.

Using the same techniques they used to discover the invertebrate viruses, they said could also be used to determine the cause of some human diseases, even the controversial Lyme-like disease.

Lyme disease is claimed to occur after a tick bite but there are still unanswered questions.