Le Figaro poll: Over 70% want Syria’s Assad to remain in power


A recent poll carried out by France’s Le Figaro newspaper has indicated that at least 72 percent of respondents want Syrian President Bashar Assad to remain in power.

The survey, published on Thursday, asked: “Should world powers demand Bashar Assad to leave?” At least 28 percent from 21,314 respondents have voted “Yes” so far, while the majority – 72 percent – have said “No”.

The poll was conducted ahead of the Vienna talks, where 19 global powers gathered to find a solution for a nationwide ceasefire in Syria. The fate of Assad remained the stumbling block during discussions, the Russian RT reported.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the Syrian people “should define the future of their country... including Assad's fate.”

Earlier in October, a member of Moscow's parliamentary delegation told TASS that Assad had agreed to hold preliminary elections in the country, provided the move has the people’s backing.

Syria has been caught up in a terrorist war since 2011,. During the turmoil, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS) militants managed to capture large amounts of territory in Syria and Iraq.

On September 30, Moscow launched a military operation targeting IS positions following a formal request from H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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President Al-Assad Enjoys Strong Support of Syrian People: Former Czech PM

PRAGUE, (ST)-“President Bashar Al-Assad enjoys the strong support of the Syrian people,” Former Czech Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek has stressed, pointing out that “this is something that needs to be taken into consideration when talking about any political arrangements regarding the situation in Syria within the framework of the political solution of the crisis in the country.

In an article Published on the Czech.cz website on Wednesday, Paroubek said “the participation of President Al-Assad in any coming presidential elections after the defeat of ISIL is logical,” adding that “President Al-Assad was elected in 2014 in one of the most democratic elections ever held in the Arab world.”

the best chance for achieving stability

President Bashar Assad’s government provides the Syrian people with the best chance for achieving stability and finding a genuine political solution, former White House National Security Council advisor Gwenyth Todd told Sputnik, October 7, 2015.

"The Assad regime, whatever one's personal view of it, is Syria's best and almost certainly only hope for long-term change," Todd explained. "Legitimate political change in Syria must come from a foundation of stability."

"No country in the West enjoys unanimous popular love for or agreement with its leadership," Todd noted, "But most citizens realize that change is an evolutionary, not revolutionary process."

Violent revolutionary groups exist in many countries, including the United States, but no reasonable citizen wishes them success in overthrowing the government, Todd observed.

 "The Assad REGIME no what matter what one's personal view of it." Excuse me, Syria under Assad is far more democratic and transparent than is the despicable U.S. Inc. Besides, just who the **** do the impudent Americans think they are; They need reminding, with a bomb or two if necessary, that the neither the U.S. nor any other country has the right to 'regime change'.

 Michael Walsh  

Professional Writer and Poet at Michael Walsh Poems

  What a funny story. There is no anyone in the West interested in peace and stability in Syria. The ongoing chaos is created by design but the planners are now in panic of Russians help can suffice in restoring peace in Syria.

Dragan Radulovic

CEO & Funder at The School for Advanced Studies 'Galileo'

  the point is the usa and co, don´t want stability, no money in stability.

 Steven Churchill

 yes is true Steven USA need to created wars for business as Iraq -Iran war to sell weapon to both sides.

Narcisa Mcleavy

  The United States has an outstanding record of promoting and supporting regime change that results in changing a working, if imperfect state, into a Failed State, that assassinates and kills millions, decimates the educated and productive classes, drives out protected minorities, and foments Sunni Salafi Terrorists. The United States is justly feared as the most dangerous nation in the World.
I am a Proud U.S. Marine, an eccentric Major, USMCR(Retired), but I am ashamed of my country.
President Eisenhower warned us of the Military Industrial Complex. Marine Maj.Gen. Smedley D. Butler warned us in the 30's: "War is a RACKET." Our Patriot Forefathers warned us to avoid foreign entanglements. For years there was a strong isolationist movement (which I thought went too far), that has virtually disappeared from both parties.

Barry Wendell Jackson

Engineer of Political Economy at Self-Employed

 "Syria's internal balance of power is absolutely transparent: President Bashar al-Assad has won an overwhelming majority in Syria and enjoys wide public support…t he only politician, who is able to form a national unity government, is Bashar al-Assad,"

French historian Thomas Flichy de la Neuville, the Sputnik, October 16, 2015.



“The one who is nearing the final victory is Bashar al-Assad, as the symbol of resistance in Syria, and those countries which are helping the Syrian people,”

 Ali Akbar Velayati, Adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, October 16, 2015.


 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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The Sole Guarantee for Stability



"President Bashar Al-Assad is the sole guarantee for stability,"

Miloslav Ransdorf, European Parliament Member said on September 20, 2015.

On July 13th, 2015, the well-known Czech official, underscored that H.E.  President Bashar Al-Assad is ''the guarantee for Secular State continuity in Syria; so it is necessary to support him, and  not to do the opposite like the American administration is doing.''



"President Bashar Al-Assad is the legend of steadfastness in safeguarding the national dignity for his people as well as for all Arabs. The hero leader Bashar Al-Assad  has a far sighted clear vision and is the symbol of steadfastness and power; long live Bashar Al-Al-Assad."


Sabreen Diab, the distinguished Palestinian freedom-fighter, September 2015.




President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad


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The Statesman who can defeat ISIS and resolve the crisis

 H.E. President "Bashar al-Assad’s interview shows a statesman that can defeat ISIS and resolve Syrian crisis. Unfortunately western media will never admit this."

''There can be no doubt whatsoever that Assad and his military are currently the only force protecting the Syrian people from the medieval insanity and viciousness of the US funded and controlled ISIS monster….frankly, the man impresses me more and more.

The first thing which impressed me about him is that he simply makes sense.  No offense to anybody here, but most Arab leaders make no sense at all.  They are long on hyperbole and short on simple rational common sense.  But not Assad.  He clearly knows his stuff and he strikes me as a man who believes in what he is doing.  Of course, I am no mind reader and I cannot prove any of that, but this is the feeling I got while listening to him.

listening to him yesterday I came away with the feeling that the Assad of 2015 is not at all the Assad of a decade or so ago.  I get the feeling that this war profoundly changed him.

My third and last conjecture is about the change in Assad’s entourage.  Remember at the beginning of the war – there were all sorts of “regime officials”, including generals and ambassadors, who suddenly grew a “democratic conscience” and defected to the “Axis of Kindness”.  My guess is that all the CIA-paid scum which infested the Assad regime ran because they were convinced that Assad would be overthrown in a few months at most.  Except for Assad stayed and, amazingly, held the course even in the darkest of times.  I don’t know that for a fact, but I suspect that the quality of people in the immediate entourage of Assad must have dramatically changed for the better and that now he is surrounded by real patriots.

Another doubt which I used to have in the past was this: would Assad have the wisdom to listen to the Russians and the Iranians or is he a megalomaniac who will listen to nobody?  Clearly, listen he did.  Had he not,  the Russians would never commit their support the way they are doing now.  Sure, the Russians are not saying that Assad is indispensable, that it is for the Syrian people to decide, but that is also the politically correct way of backing Assad since they are convinced that the Syrians do want him.  Besides, what the Russians are really saying when they say that “it is for the Syrian people to decide” is that it is NOT for the “Friends of Syria” or any other part of the “Axis of Kindness” to decide.  In other words: screw you – US/NATO/EU/etc.  So for all the diplomatic circumlocutions about the future of Syria the reality is that Assad has the full backing of the Kremlin.

Finally, what I see is that the Russians are clearly “pushing” Assad towards the front stage again.  This is, I think, the real purpose of this interview: to promote Assad as a man who can negotiate, who will listen and who is above all a “principled pragmatist”.

Here is what I believe the Russians are doing now: they are using a multi-level strategy which combines some military aid with a flurry of diplomatic activity with all the key regional powers the main purpose of which is to convince as many leaders as possible that Assad now is undoubtedly part of any solution.  For the AngloZionists, this is absolute crimethink.  But for those looking at the nightmare created by Daesh and who now face the consequences of 4 years of AngloZionist support for Daesh, it will be become very difficult politically to remain so totally opposed to Assad as to not being willing to even talk to him.  Besides, no military effort against Daesh makes any sense at all unless it is coordinated with the Syrians.  What the USA and their puppets are doing right now is not only illegal, it is also totally ineffective.  Contrast that with the Russian position which aims at creating an anti-Daesh coalition which would be 100% legal (Syria, being a sovereign country, can invite anybody to help it) and effective (any air or missile strikes would be coordinated with Syrian ground operations).

Yesterday, listening to Assad, I felt that he was confident that eventually the US-induced insanity will stop and that most world leaders will come to their senses and realize that talking to Assad should not only an “option”, but the top priority for anybody sincerely interesting in stopping the Daesh rot before it threatens even more unspeakable horrors for the Middle-East and even beyond.

 By alexrpt @redpilltimes Sep 18, 2015


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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