Syrians Real Treasure!

H.E. President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad has been, at least for the past 5 years, the target for a sinister campaign by  the disillusioned non-Syrians ever living in heavily-guarded garrisons of treason, blackmail, exploitation and shadows of past colonialism. The President of the Syrian Arab Republic, H.E. Bashar  Al-Assad is living among his citizens, and for the majority, is living in the hearts of their hearts, as their defender, protector and savior, at least  from the ongoing foreign-backed terrorist war!

The Leader against Al-Qaeda and Wahabbi affiliated terrorists  is President Assad. The treasures for President Assad are the majority of the Syrians, true friends and brothers. Simply and accurately speaking, for the majority he is everything sacred and noble and priceless.

What is more of demonization, distortions  and fabrications? Nonsense! Futile, stupid!  The majority's spiritual umbilical cord with their President  is unshakeable, non-penetrable and unbreakable. Here we all, children, women, men, elderly.. live, study, work, struggle  together : one for all and all for one. The Syrians real treasure is their president, whose only real treasure is the victory against terrorism. It is here in Syria, not in Europe, US or even Panama! Where the history is made and orchestrated by the Syrians, their President, valiant Army, true friends and allies.

The Syria Times Online, with this in mind, publishes some of the comments  by a respected  Brazilian reader:

 Maria De Fatima Moraes Rodrigues :

 "A de facto leader! A leader who loves his country and his people, who fought and fight for the preservation of their country! I had never experienced such a fierce fight against a legitimate ruler, elected by its people! And the whole world (Corrupt and invaders from different countries) fighting to destroy it! Proof of its legitimacy and the full support of the majority of the Syrian people! He yes, one of the few statesmen of our time! The other is Putin!!!!!"

"Always, Dr. Assad is clear, consistent, educated in their statements ... I can understand perfectly their views. He is a man created for project  to Syria, the government of Damascus is the representative for the people and anything else...Assad is decent.

Really a Great Leader! A Great Statesman! I hope that history, free of manipulation, can do justice to this great man. There is currently no ruler with its characteristics: Equilibrio, culture, courage, tenacity, true love for your country and your people. An exemplary man, admirable, I am your unconditional admirer! The world does not recognize the myriad benefits and changes implemented by it! The West and some Arab countries want is to destroy and steal Syria! They use the most sordid means to do so. Congratulations matter, excellent! Congratulations Dr Bashar Al-Assad. My respects."

 "As always, watch / read an interview with Dr. Assad is a lesson of leadership, coherence, morality, ethics, detachment, clarity, honesty, competence, intelligence ... and more ... I have no doubt that the brilliance of Dr Assad, bother, deeply mediocre Western leaders and the world arabic! It annoys me deeply, the press in those countries and leaders, with their leading questions, pre formatted according to the vision of the rulers of their countries.
Germany Merkel, yes they lost their sovereignty, as repeated in full the US speech, NATO, etc ...A country today with a high degree of blood of thousands of innocents in Syria, Libya and Iraq ....They have no moral framework! The lucidity and the level of knowledge of Dr. Assad is awesome!"


Just wonderful! One of the most compelling evidence of leadership, credibility and love of the Syrian people for their ruler, Dr. Assad and support with full affection statements to Him!

Dr. Assad and the Syrian nation, won terrorism! When we talk about terrorism, we include not only Islamic extremists, too, all the invaders from the West and the Arab world! Consider them the worst terrorists, in the name of a "supposed" democracy (they are unaware of the true democracy) invade, destroy, depose legitimate rulers, sucateiam the enconomia, infrastructure, covet the land not belonging les!

The countries of the coalition, the allies ever with invading spirit and colonialist not defeated the Syrian people, not deposed President Assad!

This is a great victory in recent times! The course of history they wrote was changed!

Won Sovereignty! Won the constitution of a people! Won the legitimacy of the vote! Won the true friendship between people who respect each other, that they honor their word, alliances of a lifetime!

Dr. Assad and his allies, they presented the world with a victory against terrorism plaguing the world and Propios countries shamefully undermined the Nation Syria! The proof that we can defeat terrorism is through the non-acceptance and partnership with countries that support, feed and use the terrismo to abject purposes, shameful, unscrupulous.

Onward Nation Syria!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Why Syrians Support President Bashar Al-Assad

The Syrian Arab Army and H.E. President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad have been, at least for the past 5 years, the focus of a sinister campaign of attack, especially by some bribed Western officials, Arab ewes, and not to mention some in the US Administration! Actually, such unjustified attack, which targeted all of Syria's sources of pride, honor and heritage, backfired and proved fruitless; and instead added to increase the popularity of the Syrian Army and President, have proved to be the true defenders not all of the Syrians, but of the entire globe against terrorism.  

According to Steven Sahiounie, Global Research, American Herald Tribune, it may be surprising to some that the Syrian people still support President Bashar Al-Assad.  The Syrian People are not affected by western media fabrications.

Syrians see President Assad as a reformer.  They have witnessed numerous laws passed for their benefit, and a constant focus on anti-corruption measures.  They witnessed the abolition of the one-party rule, and now over 30 political parties are registered.  They watched him call for a new constitution to be drafted, and it was ratified in 2012.

Syria has millions of civil servants, and they watched as their salaries were repeatedly and routinely increased by order of the President from 2000 until present. Doctors, professors, teachers, and all the millions of civil servants have personally benefited from President Assad.

During the several years of the worst fighting in Homs, Syria the Syrians watched as President Assad   kept the Syrian Army slowly advancing, without unnecessary loss of life.  Some critics wanted a quicker military response in Homs, in order to free Homs and allow the residents to return home and rebuild.  However, President Assad preferred the slow and steady method of using force and patience combined.

Syria is the only secular country in the Middle East. This was established many decades ago, and when President Assad came to office in summer of 2000, he maintained this form of government. The Syrian people have become very used to the secular nature of Syrian government, and social life. There are 18 different religious sects in Syria. The government and institutions are all secular and protect the rights of all Syrians.  In Syria there is no ruling sect, all sects are represented throughout the government, Parliament and military.

Syria has a long history of a policy of resistance to the occupation of Palestine. This has been engrained in the collective thinking of the Syrian population, regardless of religious affiliation, or social status.   The suffering of the Palestinian people is always on the minds, and in the hearts of Syrians.  President Assad is viewed as a champion of this resistance position.  The Syrian people would not take kindly to any softening of this stance.    Part of the moral fabric of the Syrian society is the resistance ideology.

President Assad is a well known brand.  The long length in office of his father put President Bashar Al-Assad front and center in the political limelight.   Syrians enjoy the safety of continuity, as opposed to radical change which can bring negative changes.

In the June 3, 2014 Presidential election millions of Syrians participated at over 9,600 polling stations across the country. Tens of thousands inundated the Syrian embassy in Lebanon to vote and thousands more came from around the world to vote in Syria because their host countries denied them the right to vote at the local Syrian diplomatic mission.  Syrian abroad voted in 36 Syrian Embassies around the world.  This was the first competitive election since the new Constitution was approved in 2012.  The voting by Syrians living or taking refuge in Lebanon was massive.

Voting in Beirut needed to be extended by a full day. Similarly, the voting inside Syria on June 3, 2014 exceeded expectations and polls remained open until midnight to accommodate the huge numbers of Syrians waiting to vote. Insurgents increased their shelling of civilian areas in Damascus and Aleppo but otherwise the election was conducted peacefully and without attacks on voting stations.  There was a large international observers delegation dispersed around the country. The Higher Judicial Committee of the Constitutional Court reported the results:

  • 15,840, 575 were eligible to vote, both inside Syria and outside.
  • 442,108 ballots were disqualified, for irregularities. (3.8%)
  • 11,634,412 voted (73.4%)
  • Results of the election were presented by the Speaker of the Parliament:
  • Dr. Bashar Al-Assad received: 10,319,723 votes, 88.7% of the vote.
  • Dr. Hassan al Nouri received: 500,272 votes, 4.3% of the vote
  • Mr. Maher Hajjar received: 372,301 votes, 3.2% of the vote

Syrians value education.  A University degree is the goal of many Syrians, and a source of pride among families.  Given the fact that President Assad is the most highly educated President in the world, with a prestigious Medical degree from UK, they are collectively proud of his intelligence.  They have also noted his balanced personality.  They feel he is neither too soft, nor too hard.  They see him as fair and balanced.  He has shown them a great deal of patience and perseverance during almost 5 years of international attacks on Syria.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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The Source of Stability


"The Syrian President Bashar Al -Assad is the symbol of Syrian demographic and geographic unity, and without him Syria is going to be another Somalia or Yugoslavia."

 MP Omar Ose, January 2016.


"Supporting Assad remains the only realistic path that will return us to the relative stability of the pre–Arab Spring days, and that will defeat ISIS. No one is more motivated to defeat ISIS than Assad, who would like to reassume Syria’s internationally recognized borders and seek revenge on atrocities that ISIS has committed against captured Syrian soldiers. Assad is a viable source of stability also because of his unconditional support from Iran, which fears and detests ISIS for the threat it poses to Shiite dominance of the region."

 Jay Hallen, the US National Review, January 7, 2016

Cooperate with Assad

 “Fighting against Bashar al-Assad for three years, we have strengthened ISIL positions. The political fate of Bashar al-Assad should be decided by the Syrian people in the course of future democratic elections. As for now, Assad is the only politician who is able to have the country under control and not let it fall apart. France should finally change its political course and cooperate with Assad to resolve the Syrian conflict.''

 Marine Le Pen , president of the French  National Front, the Sputnik, December 2015.



" President Bashar Al-Assad, a man who loves God, humanity, his people, his land and his country .President Assad is a man who loves his family."


Marie-Helene Berglind, Peace Activist, December 2015.


"The first line of defense against evil and darkness. We salute all the brave men of Syria (all religious sects and faiths), and their outstanding leader Dr. Bashar al-Assad. "

The utmost respect for these two devoted men. They are second to none, in terms of popularity, courage and wisdom. Thousands of salutes. The entire civilized world stands behind this outstanding leader. His popularity is increasing every day. A hero for billions people worldwide. He is the epitome against imperialism and colonialism.


We salute him,


Allah Souria Bashar W Bas.

William Benjamin, peace activist, December 2015.


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The guarantee for Stability and Diversity

“President Al-Assad was so kind and open contrary to the image fabricated  to him in the West. The people who are fighting terrorism in Syria see in President Al-Assad the  guarantee for stability and diversity in the country, President Al-Assad represents the only force which is able to confront the terrorists of the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIL or Deash)."

 (Michael Kobal), Czech TV Journalist, December, 2015.


Long live President Assad

One of the greatest leaders of all time ever. Hugely popular and respected worldwide. He is well known for his protection for all minorities. A man devoted to protect his people (regardless of religious background), and his true passion for his country.

May God give him strength and wisdom in the fight against evil, and defeat those who want to destroy his country.

Long live President Assad, the sole legitimate leader of Syria.

Joan Dalton-Carr

November 2015.

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada


 The Brilliant Leader

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I just wanted to place my condolences for what is happening in Syria. I do not like seeing the bullying tactics by the UN & NATO, and especially the USA placed against your country. There is so much media propaganda and disinformation, that it disgusts me.
There is a much bigger picture playing out, which is basically the west wanting control of the oil & gas, and to destabilize the Middle East. The funding of ISIS by KSA, NATO & UN is so plainly obvious, let alone Turkey and their hand in this too.
I truly feel for your people and the loss of many archeological treasures, homes, the loss of life.
I lived in the Middle East for 3.5 years, in Dubai. However I travelled throughout the region.
So I have at least some understanding of the difficulties. Not that Dubai is a difficult place.
Just know Bashar Al Assad, that you are a brilliant leader, and that I support you, as do many other westerners who have their eyes wide open to what is happing. I also support Vladimir Putin & hope he continues to help you.
Wishing you all the best sir.
Selina Brown
Selina Brown ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

November 27, 2015.


Fighting Those Mercenary Terrorists

 “I greet President Bashar al-Assad from the bottom of my heart because he is fighting those mercenary terrorists and do I wish him victory."

The renowned Egyptian actress Ilham Shaheen, November 2015.


God Bless Assad‏

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I'm a Norwegian citizen, and want to give my support to Bashar Al-Assad and his army. No matter what my government mean, i have my own opinion after watching some of the interview with Assad. He is a fair and truthful man that wishes peace and the best for the Syrian people, and stop of all the killing and terrorism. I'm glad Putin help Assad and his country, and i wish more country would stop believe lies and rather help Assad in this important fight against terrorism. We will all be losers if he doesn't win. Assad is also very intelligent when he will put up an election to let the people decide whom they choose to lead the country. That shows that Assad is a democrat and a fair man. With all my heart i believe in Assad, and he have my full support. And i'm not the only one in my country that feel the same. May GOD give Assad and his family and his army, and the syrian people strength to carry on in the right and good direction. Let peace and love win, AMEN.

God Bless Assad. 

With love from Mona

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 "The popularity of the Syrian President at home undermines attempts to cast him as a monster, at least in Syria. The petro-monarchy of Qatar is an open enemy of Syria, having put literally billions into the Islamist armed groups (Khalaf and Smith 2013). However their own media channel and polls have acknowledged Bashar’s popularity. In January 2011 Qatar’s main media outlet Al Jazeera concluded that a revolution in Syria was ‘unlikely’ due to Assad’s popularity.

The President’s popularity was shown in the early days, by the huge pro-government rallies that came out in response to opposition rallies. Robert Fisk, one of the few western journalists with a strong sense of Arab history and an eye for detail, but often cynical as regards the Syrian Government, made these observations:

‘Another pro-Assad rally was starting … it might have reached 200,000 by midday … there was no Saddam style trucking of the people to Omayad Square [Damascus] … the only soldiers were standing with their families. How does one report a pro-government demo during the Arab Awakening? There were veiled women, old men, thousands of children … were they coerced? I don’t think so’ (Fisk 2011)."

 Prof. Tim Anderson, the University of Sydney, Author of America’s “Dirty War on Syria”: Bashar al Assad and Political Reform.

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 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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