Cooperate with Assad

 “Fighting against Bashar al-Assad for three years, we have strengthened ISIL positions. The political fate of Bashar al-Assad should be decided by the Syrian people in the course of future democratic elections. As for now, Assad is the only politician who is able to have the country under control and not let it fall apart. France should finally change its political course and cooperate with Assad to resolve the Syrian conflict.''

 Marine Le Pen , president of the French  National Front, the Sputnik, December 2015.



" President Bashar Al-Assad, a man who loves God, humanity, his people, his land and his country .President Assad is a man who loves his family."


Marie-Helene Berglind, Peace Activist, December 2015.


"The first line of defense against evil and darkness. We salute all the brave men of Syria (all religious sects and faiths), and their outstanding leader Dr. Bashar al-Assad. "

The utmost respect for these two devoted men. They are second to none, in terms of popularity, courage and wisdom. Thousands of salutes. The entire civilized world stands behind this outstanding leader. His popularity is increasing every day. A hero for billions people worldwide. He is the epitome against imperialism and colonialism.


We salute him,


Allah Souria Bashar W Bas.

William Benjamin, peace activist, December 2015.


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