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In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Milad Abdel Kareem Ismail

Martyr Milad Ismail from the city of Banias in Tartous governorate was one of the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army who fought terrorism in different parts of Syria.

Milad , born in Damascus on December 19, 1982, obtained a BA in law from the University of Damascus. When  the crisis started in Syria he left his job at the Damascus Health Directorate and joined the Syrian army to fight terrorists.

He was injured several times by shrapnel before he was martyred on August 22 /2014 in the town of Irbin in the countryside of Damascus.

The mother of the martyr said that “Milad was affectionate to his family and he didn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself to preserve Syria sovereignty”.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Majd Al Din Dibo

Majd Al Din Dibo was born in the city of Aleppo in 1991.He has three sisters and two brothers.

The martyr was raised on Syrian morals and values.  He was studying translation in Aleppo University but he didn’t complete his studies because he decided to join the Syrian Arab army.

Faten , the mother of the martyr, said : “Majd was brave and heroic. He fought terrorists in Daraa and in Homs till he was martyred on the fifth of March2013”.

 “Syria deserves everything … it is our home, our land, and it is everything that we have to live for” she added.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Samir Ali Al-Ahmad
Samir was born on the eighth of September 1970 in Hama Governorate. He joined the Syrian Arab army in fighting against terrorist groups on all Syrian areas until he was martyred on the sixteen of January 2013 in Daraya, in Damascus countryside .
The uncle of martyr Samir Ali said: “He was honest and brave and he did not hesitate to perform his duties despite all the difficulties he faced”.
“The injuries he suffered from didn’t prevent him from continuing to fight. He had believed that the death will come no matter how long a person lives” he added.
It is worth mentioning that Samir was married and has three children. God have mercy on his soul .

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Yousef  Mahmoud Harb

The martyr Yousef Mahmoud Harb, was born in 1992 in, Jabal Al-Sheikh in Damascus countryside. He was raised up in a simple rural environment.

He was 18 years old when he joined the Syrian Arab army to fight against terrorist groups in many areas in Syria till he was martyred in Al- Turkman Mountain in Lattakia in 2017.

Yousef  has 12 brothers and sisters . Abeer ,the sister of the martyr with tearful eyes said, “He was kind and honest. Like most of the Syrian soldiers, he went through many dangerous situations and he felt that death was close to him.

“God bless his pure soul” she added.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Lieutenant Amran Mansour Al Arbid

Date of birth: 1/4/1992

Date of martyrdom: 23/10/2012

Lieutenant Amran was born in the village of Malah – Salkhad area in Sweida city. Two months before his death, he was wounded by an explosive device.

His injury did not prevent him from returning to the ranks of the Syrian Arab army until he was martyred by three bullets in his chest in Irbin area in Damascus countryside.

He fought against terrorist groups with the army in many battles in Daraya - Zabadani - Rankos - Harasta – and Jobar before his death.

His commander said: “we lost a dear brother and a brave fighter”.