In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Brigadier General,  Eng. Ammar Ahmad Shareifi

Date of birth:1971

Date of martyrdom: 23/9/2013

Civil status: married

Brig. Gen. Ammar Ahmad Shareifi, is one of the heroes of the Syrian army officers who bravely fought to defend Syria against the foreign-backed terrorist organizations. He was martyred when he was performing his national duty in Damascus.

“I’m proud of you my brother of  all who sacrificed themselves for the dignity and pride of our beloved Syria. How great is your martyrdom. I miss your company so much and I will never forget you,” the brother of the martyr said.

Thanks to your sacrifices and the sacrifices of all other martyrs of Syria, the future of the coming generations will flourish” he added. 


In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

November 20, 2019, was not a normal day for the family of Major Manhal Muhammad Deeb, because it was the day in which he was seriously wounded in an Israeli aggression on Damascus. A missile hit his vehicle while he was carrying out his duty in defending the homeland against the Israeli aggression.

Major Manhal was martyred two days later.

Rasha Karout, the wife of the martyr said: “I feel fire in my heart for his loss. By his martyrdom I lost my beloved who was also a friend to me. He loved his family and his country so much.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Mayyas Ali Mustafa

Date of Birth:1994

Date of martyrdom:24/6/2014

Brave soldier Mayyas was martyred when he was fighting terrorist groups in the city of Aleppo. Ali Mustafa, the father of the martyr, said that: “Mayyas was kind and loving to his family. He believed that martyrdom is the life for eternity, and that the martyrs sacrifice their lives to defend their country”.

The mother of the martyr, said that : “his departure is so cruel. Life after his martyrdom is so difficult God bless his soul” .

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Jaser Fawzi al-Qintar

Date of birth: 1991

Date of martyrdom: 12/7/2014

The Syrian soldier Jaser was martyred in the line of duty in Damascus countryside. Jaser was honest and brave in fighting terrorist groups. He sacrificed himself for the dignity and pride of his Homeland Syria. The mother of the martyr said in a sad voice: “I miss him a lot I miss his voice. I miss his face that shows gallantry and kindness “.

“His martyrdom is a source of pride and glory for me; I believe he is still alive in heaven” she added.


In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Story of a Hero

Lieutenant Nour Shukair, one of the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army, fought against terrorism in different parts of Syria and was wounded three times during battles with terrorists. The last injury caused him quadriplegia, yet couldn't break his will to continue living and achieving his ambitions.

  Wearing his military uniform and sitting in his wheelchair, the wounded soldier is currently taking his high school exam with a strong will to continue obtaining science and knowledge after repeated injuries in the fight against terrorism  forced him to leave the battlefield.