In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Captain Hashem Ali Mayhoob

Date of Martyrdom: 19/4/2014

The hero captain Hashem Ali Mayhoob was martyred when he was fighting terrorist groups in the city in Aleppo. Hashem was kind, sincere and loving to his family and his country. He scarified himself for the dignity and the pride of his country Syria.

“Because Syria is the land of heroism, the stories of heroic martyrs never end. Whatever we say about the martyr’s sacrifices the truth remains greater. God bless all Syrian martyrs” the brother of the martyr Hashem said.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Walid Adeeb  al-Khouri

Date of birth: 1989

Date of martyrdom:19/12/2012

Walid joined the military service to fulfill his national duty in defending  his country Syria. In 2012 he was injured in his right foot , when he was fighting  terrorist groups , but after his recovery, he returned and joined his comrades in the Syrian Arab Army.

On December, 19,2012, an armed terrorist group attacked the checkpoint of the Hatla area in the city of Deir Ezzor, where Walid was killed and so won the honor of martyrdom for the sake of our beloved Syria.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Eid Maan Ammar

Date of birth:1981

Date of martyrdom : 19/12/2012

Civil status: married

The hero Eid was martyred  when he was performing his military service in the city of Qamishli and fighting terrorist groups there.

Maan , the father of the martyr, expressed his pride in his son’s martyrdom, for he sacrificed himself for the dignity and pride of Syria.

The mother of the martyr, said : “ God bless him and all  the martyrs of Syria. It is God ‘s will. His martyrdom has  taught me patience and how to believe more in fate”.

 While Amal Wajeeh Ammar, the wife of the martyr,  said  sadly: “his martyrdom has broken my heart. His children and I miss him. May God have mercy on him, I believe he is now living in heaven”.

Wounded Syrian fighter starts walk on his wheelchair from Hama to Aleppo

HAMA, (ST)_ Conveying the message of steadfastness and loyalty to his homeland ,Syria, and the Syrian Arab Army, wounded fighter Ghiath Dayoub started on Sunday a walk on his wheelchair from the city of Hama to Aleppo
Dayoub is from al-Mahrousa village in Mesyaf area and has lower limb paralysis which he sustained when he was fighting in the province of Aleppo within the ranks of the National Defense Forces.

On its centenary, Maysaloun battle represents inexhaustible source of inspiration for resistance and defending homeland

Headed by the  then minister of defence Yousef al-Azmeh on July 24th, Maysaloun battle represents a turning point in the history of Syria and the Arab nation as it paved the way for the culture of resistance and confronting the occupation until the attainment of independence.

The centenary of Maysaloun battle comes to  remind us of the honorable and brave stand of al-Azmeh and his colleagues in confrontation of the invading French forces which entered Syria from Lebanon but were forced to stop at Maysaloun   to face the national Syrian army headed by al-Azmeh.