In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Eyad Faisal Al-Abbas

Date of birth:1985

Date of martyrdom:2/9/2011

Civil Status: single

The hero Eyad was  martyred when he was fighting terrorist groups in the city of Homs. Ali Al-Abbas, the martyr’s brother, said: “My brother was martyred after 6 months of the crisis in Syria. He died in clashes with terrorists while he and his colleagues were preventing them from entering Al –Inshaat district in Homs “

Muhannad al-Abbas, the martyr’s brother, also said: “Iyad was one of Syrian  martyrs who fought terrorism for the honor and dignity of our Syrian land  , and we are proud of him”.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Imran Ali Bousheyeh

Date of martyrdom: 2014

Civil Status: single

“Imran Ali Bousheyeh” is a Syrian hero from the village of Mazar Al-Qatria in Lattakia Governorate. He fought in the war against terrorists. He fought them everywhere in Syria.

During his participation with the Syrian Arab Army in one of the battles against terrorists, he was seriously injured.

Imran received treatment; however, his health condition quickly deteriorated until he died at the age of twenty-five to join the convoy of martyrs of the Syrian glory on 12/ 2/ 2014.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Lieutenant Eng. Murad Abed Shahoud

Date of birth: 1984

Date of martyrdom: 15-05-2013

The Syrian hero Murad Abed Shahoud was martyred when he was fighting terrorist groups in the city of Aleppo.

He is one of the Syrian Army heroes who sacrificed their souls for the homeland Lieutenant Murad is from Tartous,  Draikish district. He was martyred in the vicinity of the Central Prison of Aleppo on 15-05-2013 while carrying out the operation to break the siege on the besieged soldiers and deliver aid to them.

The martyr was an example of heroism and bravery. He never hesitated in scarifying himself for the dignity of Syria.

Rafiq Salloum .. A Syrian martyr , poet and resistant to the Ottoman occupation

The late poet  Rafik Rizk Salloum's poem, which he composed in front of the gallows  of the martyrs of  May the 6th , is still  crying  out for vivid consciences, arousing enthusiasm and urging  resistance, as if this poem written before  more than 100 years ago is suitable for our time and speaks in our tongue..

To document the biography of that  resistant  poet, the Damascus History Foundation prepared a study for the Wikipedia website to be published on its pages, based on the agreement signed between the two parties last June, which stipulated that the Foundation provides  the website with biographies of 100 documented and verified Syrian personalities.

Late archeologist Khalid Al-Asaad, great lover of Palmyra and defender of Syria's civilization

Five years have passed since Khaled Al-Asaad, the renowned Syrian archeologist and head of the antiquities of the historical Syrian city of Palmyra, was brutally and publicly beheaded on August 18, 2015 at the age of 81 by Daesh terrorist organization and his body was put on display.

 Al-Asaad was known for being a great lover and defender of Syrian  history. He dedicated 50 years of his lifetime to taking care of the valuable antiquities of his beloved Palmyra. His decision not to leave Palmyra or to hand over the cultural heritage of the city and reveal the location of precious hidden antiquities to the terrorists and gangs of Daesh cost him his life. 

With the passing away of this highly prestigious Syrian archeologist, Syrian and international scientific and cultural arenas have lost an icon that presented the world with many archeological research works and discoveries.