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In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Brigadier General Husam Ahmad Asaad, who was martyred in the battle when he was fighting terrorist groups in the northeastern of Hama countryside. The martyr was born and raised in "Kawkab Al-Hawa" village, in the west of Sheikh Badr, in 1971.

Brigadier General Husam, was martyred while he was fighting in the battle with his soldiers confronting terrorist attacks, he was calling on them, " No, we will not retreat”.

This is the martyr who sacrificed his life so that his country Syria should remain stable and dignified, leaving two sons who are proud of their father and a patient wife, who believes that martyrdom is the path of eternity.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Martyr Anas Marawan Rizk, was fighting terrorist groups when he was injured five times, but every injury increased his will, strength and determination . The martyr joined the Syrian Arab army and he participated in all the tasks that were requested of him till he was martyred in city of Homs.

Mrs. Sawsan Qandalaft, the mother of the martyr said: “I am proud of Anas, and I am so sad at his separation. My heart bleeds with his absence”.

Qandalaft added: “ Anas was loving to his family, comrades, and homeland Syria. He was very patient with his five injuries and courageous until he was martyred.

“I say to all mothers of martyrs, be patient and God have mercy are on all martyrs”.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Captain Nibras Ahmad

The martyr was born in the city of Lattakia. He was one of the Syrian youths who preferred to fight terrorist groups for the sovereignty and dignity of Syria rather than to get married.

Captain Nibras Mubarak Ahmad chose the battlefield to defend his homeland against terrorists instead of getting married though he had completed all preparations for marriage.

He was martyred in  Daret Izza  in the city of Aleppo on June 21, 2012.

During the years of the crisis in the country,  the Syrian youths, chose Syria to be their beloved and gave it their souls as a gift that history will tell about forever.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Ahmad, Saher, Samer, Hussein Saad al-Din are four martyr brothers who defended and sacrificed their lives for the sake of their homeland, Syria. Three of them were martyred in one day, and the fourth was martyred in a battle against terrorists in Quneitra.

The father of the martyrs, Muhammad Saad al-Din, said: “I am proud of the martyrdom of my sons”.

“I feel pain and sadness in my heart for their absence. Now I have only my wife, daughters and grandchildren to take care for”.

Suaad Saad Al- Din said: “I am the mother of four martyrs. My sons were the joy of my heart. I miss them so much and  I feel very sad for their death, but I believe that it is the will of God. I  want to say to all the mothers of the martyrs to keep patient and be proud of their hero sons. God have mercy upon all Syria’s martyrs.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Brigadier Yaser Shabaan

Date of birth: 1968

Date of Martyrdom:14/12/2012

Civil Status: married

The hero was born in the city of Tartous. He was performing his national duty in fighting terrorist groups in Aleppo when he was martyred.
Rima Hamoud , the wife of the martyr, said :” Yaser was a good husband , a kind father and a generous and brave man” .

“I believe in God and I know that death is fate. His death is for an honorable cause; it is the sovereignty of the homeland Syria. He said before he was martyred that the body is mortal but the soul is eternal,” she added.