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In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

The wounded heroic soldier Hashem Mulhem, thirty two years old, was in the fourth year of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering when he left his studies to join the armed forces.

He was defending his neighborhood and family when he was hit by a rocket in 2011 that caused serious damage to his skull and left  a part of him paralyzed. The wounded hero has got four brothers, who are all martyrs.

 The General Secretariat of Jarih Wattan roughly translated into «The Homeland Wounded» project, supervised by Mrs. Asma al-Assad, has been keen to support him to start his new life.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Brigadier general Karam Fawaz Al-Hindawi born in Slem village, Swaida Governorate, in 1972s; married with two sons Hatem and Anas.   The Brigadier general was martyred during combat against terrorist group in Deir Azzor city in 24/ 2/ 215. All family members of the Brigadier general expressed grief but patience, “They barbarically took him from his family and children, but we will continue on his path, at whatever cost” his wife exclaimed.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes


Maher Sa'ado Al-Hussein

Date of Birth: 1983

Date of Martyrdom: 1 / 9 / 2013

Civil Status: Single

Mahran Sa'ado Al-Hussein

Date of birth: 1993

Date of martyrdom: 20 / 1/ 2014

Civil Status: Single

Najat Salim the patient mother of the martyrs said: “Maher and Mahran were brought up on honesty and love for the homeland". She believes they didn't die but are  alive in heaven.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes


Muhammad Emad Al-din Mineni

Date of birth: 1998

Date of Martyrdom: 4/7/2018

Civil Status: Single

His family received the news of Muhammad’s martyrdom with dignity and faith believing  that he will be immortalized with his fellow martyrs in heaven, because he was brought up to love martyrdom and the sovereignty of his country.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Muhammad al-Humr al-Ali

Date of Birth: 1993

Civil status: single

Martyr Muhammad al-Humr al-Ali was martyred in Ruwaisat al-Malik Hill in Lattakia countryside during fighting terrorist groups. The mother of the martyr says: Muhammad always told me that he wasn't afraid   of dying for the sake of our homeland stability".