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"Victory Makers" honors 50 wounded army personnel

Damascus Countryside (ST): The "Syrian-Russian Peace Initiative” in cooperation with the Russian Center for Reconciliation honored 50 wounded Syrian Arab Army soldiers, during a ceremony held in the Sahara Complex in Dimas under the title “Victory Makers.”

The honoring ceremony included singing segments and a short film entitled “Katyusha” and another about the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army and Russia's standing by Syria in its battle against terrorism.

 Major General Bassam Berri, Director of the Directorate of Martyrs, Wounded and Missing Persons, indicated in a speech the importance of this initiative to honor the wounded of the army personnel, who proved to be amazing champions and became a role model for every fighter.

Head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation, Admiral Alek Vladimirovich Zhuravlov, pointed out that the Russian Center for Reconciliation works permanently in cooperation with the Directorate of Martyrs, Wounded and Missing Persons in the Syrian Ministry of Defense to return all missing from the army in addition to providing support to the wounded, noting that Russia continues its work in cooperation with Syria to restore peace and security to the entire Syrian territory, and to the fact that the Syrian state continues to work on the reconstruction of what was destroyed by terrorism, despite the unilateral economic sanctions imposed against it.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Koud, head of the initiative, stated that the event complements the activities of the initiative, which contribute to spreading love and reflecting the concern for the wounded of the Syrian Arab Army who sacrificed their bodies for the homeland, pointing out that we learn from these heroes and their families the meaning of giving and sacrifice.

The Governor of Damascus Countryside, Engineer Moataz Abu Al-Nasr Jamran, underlined the importance of honoring these heroes, praising the role of Russia, which stands by the Syrians in their battle against terrorism and offers martyrs in Syria.