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In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Anas Sulieman Khadra

The hero Anas Sulieman Khadra, was born in Damascus in 1978 in the village of Al-Bahluliya , Lattakia Governorate. He volunteered  in the Syrian Arab Army at an early age and he served in the army for 13 years.

The martyr Anas Suleiman Khadra is one of those heroes who sacrificed themselves in defense of the homeland Syria. Jinan Khadra, the sister of the martyr said: “Two days before his martyrdom he came home on foot through the forests to take food for his comrades because they were under siege imposed by terrorists.

About the last call she said: “ he told me that the siege was being tightened by the terrorists  and he was shot in his foot “

Before his martyrdom he said to me “ Dear sister, this may be my last call”.

He was martyred on  the 5th of may 2011 in  Jisr al-Shughour.He  was courageous and refused to give up .He scarified himself for the dignity of his country Syria .