In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Ahmad, Saher, Samer, Hussein Saad al-Din are four martyr brothers who defended and sacrificed their lives for the sake of their homeland, Syria. Three of them were martyred in one day, and the fourth was martyred in a battle against terrorists in Quneitra.

The father of the martyrs, Muhammad Saad al-Din, said: “I am proud of the martyrdom of my sons”.

“I feel pain and sadness in my heart for their absence. Now I have only my wife, daughters and grandchildren to take care for”.

Suaad Saad Al- Din said: “I am the mother of four martyrs. My sons were the joy of my heart. I miss them so much and  I feel very sad for their death, but I believe that it is the will of God. I  want to say to all the mothers of the martyrs to keep patient and be proud of their hero sons. God have mercy upon all Syria’s martyrs.