Press' Martyrs

To convey truth, Press' Martyrs have been destined to die, for nothing but just because they say truth.

The pen they wrote with rewrites their heroism today by uncovering the world conspiracy against Syria.

The pen caused fear to the armed terrorist groups who kill them in a cold blood to achieve the Israeli goal by getting rid of brilliant thoughts.

During the past two- years, Syrian Press Media from the beginning of the ongoing crisis offered hundreds of martyrs.

Tishreen Newspaper's Martyrs

Terrorists  assassinated journalist Naji As'ad while he was going to his work at Tishreen Newspaper.

This systematic assassination comes within the agenda of the fierce conspiracy against Syria in order to target intellectuals and destabilize  the country by armed terrorist groups who are financed and backed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to execute the orders of their masters in the United States of America and Israel.

Majed  Shiekh Ali (Martyred).


Ali Abbas, Chairman of the Interior Department News of Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). He was assassinated by armed terrorist groups in the place of his residence in jdaideh  Artouz area in Damascus countryside.

This criminal act against the workers in the media is a disgrace to the forehead of all those who participated in the attitudes and decisions that have been taken against Syria and its people.

The attack against journalists aimed to assassinate the truth to confiscate the public opinion and to implement the decisions aiming to block the Syrian media that proved professionalism and ability by confronting the great conspiracy that embodied virtual media war.

George Orfelian (injured).

Samer al-Masri (martyred).

Khaled al-Sayyed (martyred).

Azzam Abbas (martyred).

Mohammad Ibraheem (martyred).

Yara Isma'el (injured).


Al-Ikhbaria Syrian T.V

  Al-Ikhbaria  Syrian T.V. was a symbol of sacrifice for the sake of the truth.

Martyrs' blood which had been shed during the fierce aggression against the channel watered the land of the T.V., to be considered as the shining path that leads to safety and security in Syria.

Muhammad al-Ashram, al-Ikhbaria T.V correspondent in Der-Zour province was assassinated by terrorists when they opened fire on him.

The assassination of Syrian journalists is the assassination of the national media.

"The assassination of journalist Mohammed al-Ashram and every employee in the information field is considered as a heinous crime, violating all norms and conventions that guarantee freedom of media and the right of journalists to work in the war for real information," said the National Media Council.

The martyr, photographer Hatem Abu Yahya was assassinated in Tel Mneen area in Damascus countryside while he was accompanied by the Syrian television news team; Yara  Saleh, Abdullah Tabra and Hossam Emad before clearing it of the takfiri terrorists.

Haidar al-Samoudi  was also the victim of armed terrorist groups who shot him dead while he was on his way to work in the news center of the Syrian Arab TV.

Yara al-Saleh (kidnapped then realesed).

Abdulla al-Tabra (kidnapped then realeased).

Hossam Imad (kidnapped then realeased).

Hatem Abou Yehya (martyred).

Zied Kouhl (martered).

Sami Abo Ameen (martyred).

Mohammad Shamma (martyred).

Fadi Yaccub (injured).

Armed terrorist groups assassinated photographer journalist Ihsan al-Bouni in Darya area in Damascus Countryside. They shot him while he was going to his work in al-Thawra Newspaper.


Al-Thawra Newspaper Martyrs

Shoukri Abo al-Borgol (martyred).

Mohammad al-Hamoud (kidnapped).

Al-Ouroba  Newspaper Martyr

Mohammad Mahfoud (kidnapped).

Syrian T.V. Martyrs

Mohammad al-Sa'ed (kidnapped).

Basel Nassaf (injured).

Talal Janbakli (kidnapped).

Kareem Shibani (injured).

Emad Tinawi (injured).

Hanan Aref (injured).

Sahar Abbas (injured).

Mohammad Oudieh (injured).

Basel Shhadieh (kidnapped).

Amjad Toumeh (kidnapped).

Basel Yousouf (martyred).

Anmar Yaseen Mohammad (martyred).

Haidar al-Soumoudi (martyred).

Shadi Helwieh (injured).

Al-Alam Channel

Houseen  Mourtada (injured).

Ahmad Satouf (kidnapped).


Press T.V. Martyrs

Maya Naser (martyred).


Electronic Website Correspondent

Mouna Bakkour (martyred).


Al-Azmena Magazine :

Ayman Wanous (injured).


Al-Dounia T.V.

Souhiel Mahmoud al-Ali (martyred).

Al-Ba'ath Newspaper Martyrs

Ebtissam al-Aous (injured).

Seham Abo Salman (injured).

Fadi Khabouri (martyred).

Al-Fedaa Newspaper

Ahmad Naouf (kidnapped).


Syrian Journalists Union holds the Ministers' council of the Arab League the responsibility for the risks the Syrian media have been faced by armed terrorist groups.

In a letter to the Federation of Arab Journalists, the Union of Syrian Journalists said" Syria condemned what the armed terrorist groups had done of assassination, kidnapping and harassment."

It also confirmed that these acts of terror against the Syrian media are a flagrant violation of freedom of expression, so these heinous acts contradict with the false logos which are repeated by terrorists about freedom.

As these acts reflect the bankruptcy of the armed terrorist groups in a bid to silence the voice of right and justice.

The letter demanded the Federation of Arab Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists, the relevant international organizations , Arab press and unions in Europe and the world to condemn these acts, considering them as a fierce crime constituting violation of the rights and public freedoms.