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Martyr Day- On Victory Path- Syrian Martyrs Writing a New History

Having confronted the new invaders and aggressors, Syrian martyrs wrote a new history.

“Martyrs are the most generous on earth and the noblest of all humanity”

is a saying that epitomizes the glory of the concept of martyrdom, summing up possibly what pride and dignity mean, as the martyrs’sacrifices amount to being sacred and holy. 

Syrians recall the glory of Martyr Day on May 6th and celebrate it each year in commemoration of their heroic martyrs, executed in 1916 at the hands of the Ottoman occupation. Martyr Day is a landmark, a victory path and a torch that lights the path for future generations to realize the ways and means in fighting for freedom, and resisting invaders and aggressors.

On this special occasion, Syrians remember and keep in mind that the sacrifices, made in the war on terrorism, have yielded great achievements at the domestic and regional levels, namely victory on terrorism, preserving Syria’s territorial integrity- during the fiercest war known to humanity, waged by powers of evil and aggression whose bets are off to undermine the high status and glory of our homeland.

Dr. Mazen Badr Zawan, founder of Martyrs’ Sons and Daughters League, and a brother of martyr Lieutenant Sharaf Hassan Zawan, said that Martyrs Day is sacred in that it expresses the love of the country. He went on to explain that the self-sacrifice, his brother and his comrades made for the homeland, embodies all great human values such as sincerity, honesty and loyalty. Zawan pointed out that the concept of martyrdom among our people represents a cultural and moral storehouse, reflected in our people's ability to confront the barbaric attack that aims to eradicate our civilization, destroy it and kill humanity in Syria whose roots date back to hundreds of thousands of years. 

Wife of martyr General Salah Ibrahim al-Zein, Hanan Issa expressed her pride, because she is also the daughter of martyr Muhammad Sultan Issa, who was martyred in the October Liberation war while fighting the Israeli enemy, and she is wife of a martyr who faced terrorism and won the honor of martyrdom in 2011. Hanan affirmed that her children feel proud because their father and grandfathers died for freedom of the country.

Ali, son of martyr Salah, made a pledge to his martyred father to follow in the footsteps  and his fellow martyrs so that Syria can live in peace and stability.

Father of martyr Bashar, from al -Marran village in al-Qirdaha countryside, Kamel Mahmoud, said, “ What reassures the soul and eases the pain of separation is that the sacrifices of the martyrs did not go in vain. They died in defense of the homeland, and their pure blood formed  an immortal victory which history shall write in letters of light.”

Citizen Sulaff Haidar addressed her words to the families of the martyrs, saying, "The martyrs have given away their most valuable possession to keep the country honored and dignified. With their pure blood, they wrote the most wonderful stories and epics of heroism onto the precious Syrian soil, and thus they’ve become beacons that brighten the way in front of us to walk the heroism march in the future, and confront anyone who dares threaten the sovereignty of the homeland.”

Mother of the martyr Abdul Karim Ibrahim, from Homs, said,” Martyr Day is indeed a holiday for all Syrian mothers who taught their children to love and defend the country.” She expressed pride in the martyrdom of her son as she’s the mother of a martyr who gave his soul for his homeland.

Despite the sadness hanging over her life for several years since the martyrdom of her son, mother of the martyr Ali Qabiqli said, “Although I miss my son whom I lost, I cherish his martyrdom, for which he had always wished and talked about. He used to say, “Mom, if you ever hear the news of my martyrdom, you must feel proud of me and not sad because for me the homeland is far more precious than the soul.”

The voice of martyr Ahmed Hamza’s mother trembled with tears as she said, “I miss my son but I cherished his martyrdom more. Even though he left me and passed away, his fragrant blood is still on the soil of the homeland, telling the story of a Syrian hero who defended the honor of his country to the last drop of blood.”

Martyr Alaa Hamoush’s mother said that Martyr s Day is an important occasion to us since martyrs are still here in our hearts and souls. She added, “I am honored to carry the title of “mother of the martyr” who defended his country and gave his soul his true mother, Syria.”

“Syrian mothers breastfed their children with love of Syria and duty to defend it, and themartyrs proved they were worthy of the sacrifice,” she added.

“I carry within me a mixed feeling of sadness and pride,” is what martyr Ryan Mansour’s mother said. "I lost part of my soul when I lost my son, but the homeland is more precious and valuable than all considerations. I taught my son, since he was young, that the homeland onto itself is the dignity and honor," she confirmed proudly.

The poet Salman Ibrahim, is the father of martyr Ali and war wounded Gaihub. He recounted the story of the hero Ali who preferred defense of his homeland over pursuing his education at the College of Arts, so he halted his studies and went to war. He wanted to have a role in the battle to defend Syria's soil against aggressive usurpers. He joined the battles of the liberation of Dara Kabeera, Nabk, Deir Attia and Yabroud, as he later died in Nabk in 2014.

Bidding farewell to her son, martyr Mohamed al-Youssef, Amal al-Shukkary likened Syria to the mother who gives birth to heroes who defend her if she calls on them, because they realize that she is worthy of their sacrifice. They want to maintain the flag of homeland hoisted and victory over terrorism achieved.

Wife of martyr Ahmed Al-Khdour, Ula al-Ahmad said,” I am proud to be the wife of a martyr;I am raising my three sons on the ethics their father had, mainly to keep Syria safe from the abominable terrorism. My children will be fully prepared when national duty calls on them because they know Syria deserves their sacrifice.


Rayan Faouri