A Syrian mother documents the legend of al-Kindi Hospital Heroes through literary work

A new literature tells a legend immortalized by history about heroics that announces how bloodshed was transformed into words that record part of the reality experienced by the heroes and martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army. The letters are often unable to convey the truth but when they are transmitted by those who experienced these championships, they become a document of time.

 The scene of 11 Syrian soldiers, who were protecting al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo and who were executed in 2013, is still alive in our memory.  Their image has become a pure Syrian icon, as they challenge the bullets of their killers.

Today, a great mother, of one of these heroic martyrs, Mrs. Suhaila Al-Aji, will narrate the story of the martyrdom of her son “Bonyan” with his comrades and the challenges they face in confronting the enemies of the country.

In her book “The day of martyrdom”, the mother called the martyrs the “Icon of victory”.   She didn’t write about Bonyan as her son, but about all the nation’s martyrs who have sacrificed themselves for the sake of Syrian people and soil.

She continued: “When I saw the moment of my son’s execution, I couldn’t differentiate him from the rest of his friends. They all wore the same face. The martyrdom at that moment is an elevation from an individual case to a human one.

 “In my book, I did not address the martyr or martyrdom from a realistic or narrative angle, but I opened the door to existential questions such as man, what is the purpose of his existence, the wisdom of his death, and what comes after death, and more importantly do we know the purpose of our death and what is the homeland”, Mrs. Suhaila noted.

She said: “I wrote about Bonyan, who did not die like all our martyrs. I called him a homeland. My love for the homeland exceeds my love for my son Bonyan. We didn’t know our martyrs when they were alive, the whole world know them when they martyred. Their heroics and sacrifices are still alive in our memory”. 

Regarding her decision to document the legend of al-Kindi Hospital Heroes through literary work, she said: "I did not write until the martyrdom of my son, because pain gives birth to creativity"

"The Day of Martyrdom" included exciting events and facts that I lived and experiences, including the lies of international organizations that claim their concern for the Syrian people while they in fact serve the agendas and policies of the West”,  She added.

Mrs. Suhaila called on each martyr’s mother to document the stories of her martyrs, as it is the true image of the martyr, to plant trees with their names, decorate the pages of students ’books with their heroics, and to raise culture to the level of these sacrifices.

The signing ceremony of the book “The Day of Martyrdom” is scheduled today at 6:00 pm at the Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh.


Inas Abdulkareem