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Michelle al obaidi

I lived in Syria, I was so happy respected and feel gutted to see you all suffering
.I read the syriatimes most days if I had the money and power I would protect you
all God be with you in your time of immense suffering I am an Australian  I felt so
privileged to have lived  in Syria I feel as if I'm dying inside so helpless but I
will come back to help you in the name of God

Joy Breeze

I would just like to say how appalled and saddened the war against the Syrian people
make me.  This is all part of the plan by the Illuminati to further their New World
Order agenda. Not only are they destroying all Nation States but are successfully
getting Muslims and Christians to eliminate one another. They want the entire world
for themselves and a depopulated and enslaved humanity.  How else can one explain
the UK and France's behavior