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j. schumacher


We hope that you kill them all.

Nobody of the terrorists should have the possibility to come home.


I congratulate the people of Syria and the Syrian Arab Army to their success in al-Qseir. I hope that they can liberate the whole of Syria from the rat infestation soon. I grieve with you to the soldiers and people who gave their lives for the liberation.
I am quite sure that many people think and feel as well as in Germany. Germany is not Westerwelle country and not Merkel country.
The Turkish people demonstrate just that Turkey is not Erdogan country.
Long live the people of Syria, the Syrian Arab army and President Bashar al-Assad.


I wish that the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab army very soon annihilates the terrorists in order to be able to live in peace. Long live Syria, the Syrian army and President Bashar al-Assad.

Many hearts beat in Germany for Syria.



I really hope the Syrian Arab Army will win this war against terrorism and foreign wahabbi mercenaries! Every nation should know that Syria is the last Stronghold against the globalist new world order. I commemorate on all syrian citizens and soldiers who martyred in the war. Rest in peace all syrian victims of war, comrades and citizens! Your souls are with the mighty God! Long Live Syria! God Bless Syria!

Clever Fever


Syria will never fall,but sadly the main plan and bet is about making Syria weak,for the coming *black* decades