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President Bashar Al-Assad

Syrians should decide the outcome of their crisis.  The U.S.A. and Russia and all other powers should respect Syria’s right of self determination.   As one American voter I hope we can observe a  non-interventionist policy.

Michael Gregory

why should the US 

,continued with threats. Mr. present Obama should be focusing on the US economy. President Assad should show pictures of the brutal terrorist attacks against  Christians. God wil punish .  Iattacks against the innocent .  I apologize to freedom loving people who want peace in Syria among all people and religions  in Syria. America needs  new leadership which should have supported  the Iranian  people in 2008/2009. I pray peace may come to Syria soon and that the terrorists may meet the Devil they serve.


I've traveled in 8years ago, Your country is so beautiful and have good people
we interest in syria & its people & its president
he is so nice & renitent
Congratulations to you on your بor the noble culture that you have
Best Regards
a physician from iran

Syrian Friendship Association

Kris Janssen

Dear friends and colleagues 

Congratulations on the arrival of the holy Month of Ramadan
May the spirit of Ramadan illuminate the world and  lead us 
together on the path of peace & social harmony
Wish you all Ramadan mubarak and  peace and security to prevail
Kris J

Raymond Wilson

I love Syria and it's people and admire president Al-Assad. I would like to subscribe to Syria Times and send a small donation. Who do I send a donation to your news media.
All the best.