congratulations for the excellent article

 congratulations for the excellent article "Ever within the Shady Shadows!"

Dear Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

 I want to congratulate you with the excellent article "Ever within the Shady Shadows!"  about late President Hafez Al-Assad, an example for us all, published on the Syria Times website.

 I truly enjoyed reading this very interesting biographic article. This is one of the best, if not the best, article I ever read about the father of modern Syria.

 I hope and encourage you to write a follow up article about the wisdom and leading  and guiding talents of President Bashar Al-Assad, another great example of statesmanship  and diplomacy for us all.


Kris Janssen





Support from Western Countries

I consider it a disgrace that western governments are not supporting the legitimate government of Syria to rid the country of these so called rebels who bring nothing but death and destruction to a peaceful people.I am just a working class man from the United Kingdom who is never involved in politics but it infuriates me that we sit back and let this continue when intervention on behalf of the Syrian government could help bring this to an end and bring peace to your people.





Turkey....enough already!!

I am Greek, with grandparents who were kicked out of turkey in 1922... I have nothing against the Turkish people. But the world knows that the Turkish government is CRIMINAL, AND IN VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW... (so is the Israeli...). Since 1894 turkey has massacred it's Christian population, (which started happening actually in the ottoman empire, since 1453, when Constantinople, Istanbul, fell), with the genocide of millions of the Greek, Armenian and Assyrian minorities... And the ethnic cleansing of north Cyprus, after the Turkish invasion in 1974, where Greeks were murdered, and their women from 12 years old to 75, were raped, and Greek properties stolen.... Germany APOLOGISED to the world for what hitler had done. But turkey NEVER DID.... AND EVEN DENIES THE GENOCIDES EVER HAPPENED!! It now continues to violate international law! It doesn't recognize the rights of the Kurds. It jails journalists that speak the truth. It occupies 40% of Cyprus illegally, and wants to 'share' the oil deposits that belong to Cyprus! It daily violates Greek air and sea space. It denies Greece its sovereign right- under international law- to expand its sea borders in the agean sea to 12 naut. miles, (they are currently at 6 naut. miles). And if Greece does so, turkey threatens war!! (But there are holy monks in Greece that prophecy, that if turkey invades Greece, Russia will intervene and invade turkey....where 1/3 of Turks will die, 1/3 will become Christian, and 1/3 will retreat into the Far East. But Greece will NOT fight in this war-hasn't it suffered enough from the Turks already?). So we shall see if there is a God who defends the innocent, and punishes the greedy and the wicked... We shall see.


Tim faraos

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Italian Citizen

Long live Syria and her GREAT PRESIDENT!!!!!


Dino Vergati

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A Letter from a Supporter in Australia

I can only speak for myself as an Australian citizen when I say that I am deeply saddened by the suffering of the Syrian people. I salute the selfless bravery of every Syrian soldier and I have the greatest respect for the diligent and honourable patrons of the Syrian government.

There is indeed a conspiracy against Syria and the main reason why the world at large ignores it is twofold – control of the flow of information and political will. Australian citizens are bombarded daily with Israeli and American lies and our politicians dare not say a sensible word against Israel or the US if they value their position. For example, at Edith Cowan University, in Perth, Western Australia, a lecturer that gave a very balanced lecture on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict was subsequently threatened by a local Rabbi. The former head of the Australian Labour Party Simon Crean was pushed out of his position because he did not, in Australian Jewish News words, “reign in the anti-Israel sector of his Party.”