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Stealing water

As part of the "starvation until submission" campaign against the Syrian people led by the US occupation and its allies, including the terrorists and the Turkish occupation, the Turkey's regime has closed many water gates to Syria from Turkey, which will limit the Syrian people's access to electricity and running water.

On Wednesday, local sources published on social media "shocking" footage and photos of the Euphrates River in which it is easy to notice a significant drop in water levels of the largest river in the country due to the recent Turkish violation.

 This illegal Turkish move is a blunt violation of the international laws designed to protect the fair allocation of water.

The daily flow rate does not exceed 150 cubic meters per second, while the agreement signed in 1987 between Syria and Turkey provides for Turkey's commitment to pump 500 cubic meters per second, at a minimum...!!

This is not the first act of aggression by Turkey against Syria regarding water.