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Dear Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

I'm Marco From Milan (Italy). I focused my attention on Syria in these last years, in particular on European's massmedia information about that. It's very hard To See What is happening for a lot of people without any knowledge. European Information is Just a lie on The president Assad Who is The Last stronghold of civilization in The area. To Survive for Assad is a duty. I'd like To came in Syria one day. 

Best regard dr. 


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"My name is Marco Glowatzki, I'm from Hamburg in Germany. I am a master tailor. I have run my own company in Hamburg with my own education. For many years now, I've been reporting on Syria in Germany and getting 
the wrong news about you and Syria right. I have lectured in schools and organizations in Germany to help Syria and to bring them to the truth. 
That's fine, all kinds of problems.In 2016, I traveled to Syria and reported live from Syria. From November 2017, I emigrated to Syria and lived in Tartous and reported daily from Syria. I have reported from Damascus, Homs and so on and have mislead the false news of the western media. During this time, I built an international network to spread the truth about Syria. On Facebook, I maintain my profile: Marco Glowatzki, as Syria support, and my page: Marco Loves Syria and my international group: Marco Loves Syria and my Youtube Channel: Marco Glowatzki.

I'm doing what Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Tom Duggan or Pierre Le Corf do in English, in German. For the German speaking area: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, etc.p.p.

I report, show and support the Syrian government and especially you, Mr. President, and have been able to effect with my videos and report, rethinking in Europe / Germany. Millions of people trust me and believe in my reports and accounts from Syria about the truth… 

Marco Glowatzki 

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 You  must think that I'm crazy for writing you. But I wanted to let you know.  I did not vote for our idiot president Trump or President Obama. I know words can never bring back your people.  I feel terrible that this is happening and I'm against it(the war). He's crazy and I wish that he would stop hurting Syrian people for no good reason.  I just wish it would stop.  I tried to tell my Republican family to not vote for him but they didn't listen and now this. My heart breaks to see this. Especially for the children….  No one cares and no one listens when I warn them about Trump. I wish he would get impeached or step down.

All I can say right now is I am truly sorry he is doing this. I feel terrible and completely helpless. My hope is that that President Assad, his children and that his wife and his country stays safe.

Peace be with you all in this terrible time and much love,

 Holly Keefer

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"Salam e buongiorno

in questo momento difficile per il tuo paese , va il mio personale sostegno affinchè la vittoria ti sia favorevole. La forza della giustizia e della perseveranza   sia conte. Gloria e sostegno al popolo siriano che sta lottando contro le interferenze straniere imperialiste che vorrebbero fare della Siria una loro colonia di sudditi . 


Piersilvano Ferro

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"I am from the UK and I wanted to get a message to your president.

 Not all of us are blinded by the lies of our media, we have done the research ourselves and have seen that all this attack is due to GREED from our very own corrupt governments here in the UK and overseas in America. I am sure there are other countries involved in this also. Before all of this fighting began in your country, it was safe and you had a nice place to live, however, because your very impressive president dropped the American dollar, you are now a threat to America. I do believe this is all how it started…

 Please stay strong, one day the slaves will wake up and see how all of us are the creation of a corrupt society and will remove these corrupt people once and for all. Until then people like me will watch in horror at what is happening in your country and hope that Russia and Syria win this awful war going on in your country.

 There is nothing I can say or do that will stop this, but I just wanted the president to know that there are people like me who know the truth. So please never give up, ever and stop this greed from taking over your lands.


 Lord Kirk Martin

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Greetings from Montenegro!

 I want to express admiration to president Assad because his big fight for humanity…

I wanted to request meeting with him in front of my people, free part of it, which is also, like your people, under big pressure of Washington….   I hope you will respond me and give opportunity to shake hands of President Asad 

 Marko Milacic

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"Syria Times and the President Assad unofficial site I use again and again. Syria Times is a broad spectrum resource that is kept up to date and relevant both for the daily changing situation on the ground as well as general information about Syria. The President Assad page is a welcomed archive of news and information related to the president with invaluable articles, photos and background to help activists like me combat the constant slandering of that great leader."

US Peace Activist, Janice Kortkamp, January 17, 017.