peace be with you

Hello, my name is Dallas Jacobs I am a 29 year old American male. I am not a typical American by any means however. I am writing the email in hopes that it gets to Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. I wanted the President to know that my friends and I all immediately smelled a coup when the uprisings and "protesters" started. I am strongly opposed to my country's imperialistic bullying of anyone who objects to the murderous expansionism of what is no longer a freely elected democracy but more or less a terrorist oil regime.  I oppose the terrorist and illegitimate state of Israel and it's treatment of the Palestinians. I oppose Israel occupying the Golan heights as well, which conveniently possesses vast amounts of fresh water, and recently discovered oil.  I also oppose my government supporting the absolutely horrible regime in Saudi Arabia, which effectively funds terrorism to hopefully secure their regional control in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is also one of the biggest human rights offenders in current history, and my country's support for it while calling for Mr. Assad to step down are pure lunacy. I strongly support the President, and have read many interviews with him, in which he seems like a very reasonable and well spoken man. I am also a huge fan of Arabic culture in general, and many of my friends are from the surrounding area. Growing up I worked in garden centers for several years and learned of the beautiful Damascus roses. I have a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Syria, the music, the food, the landscape, and the people. I wish you nothing but success in restoring order and peace to your beautiful country, and hopefully someday I can come visit.  I wish you and your family peace and happiness in this upcoming new year.  

 Dallas Jacobs

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