War in Syria

Dear Mr Baschar,i look many Videos on Youtube from War in Syria!
The Rebels,Jabat al Nusra and ISIL ar Terrorist!Gangster ...Faggots..Sorry
but when,the beautiful Syria is under the control of this Scum,God bless then we have the Present!They are Animals and they must be defeated!
A great Country and civilization would be lost!and these threats,on the part of Americans ,make me so angry!Would the Americans on your basic,from Terrorist...
are attacked.Then these would be required with all resources destroy!
I hope You and your Peoples win this War soon!Buy by the Russians, drones and other new super weapons and destroy the convoys and 100 of ISIS usw from a drone
out...Like the Americans!And make the localities of terrorists to the ground!
Russia have new top Technological weapons to do this!
The world muss see,its not only the War against Syria...Its a War against the hole World from the biggest Danger,from the Terrorism!And therefore should all the nations fighting against!
Brave People of Syria,remains steadfast and always thinks!It's about Syria!

God bless Surya and Baschar al Assad

Best Regards from Switzerland from a Swiss man!


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