President Al-Assad, Oman Foreign Minister Discuss Political, Economic Challenges Facing Entire Region

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad and Oman’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Yusuf bin Alawai discussed during a meeting on Sunday in Damascus the political and economic challenges facing the entire region and means to confront these challenges.

Talks also dealt with regional and international developments, mainly the schemes aiming to cancel the historical rights of the Arabs under the current crises and critical conditions the region is passing through.

President al-Assad holds open dialogue with Syrian Syriac Catholic youths

SYDNAYA,(ST)_ President Bashar al-Assad held today an open dialogue with the Syrian Syriac Catholic youths during their camp kicked off on Tuesday under the title ‘My Hope is in You’, according to the Syrian Presidency website.

The dialogue was held at the Monastery of ST. Thomas in Sydnaya, located north of the city of Damascus.

The president asserted that Christians in Syria have been and still builder of its civilization, and they- alongside their Muslim brothers-  have conveyed Syria’s human and civilized message to the whole world. 

President Al-Assad, Iranian Official Discuss US Escalation against Iran, Progress in War on Terrorism in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed Syria's full support for Iran's leadership in defense of the rights of the Iranian people and in confrontation of US threats and procedures that violate International law principles.

President Al-Assad made the remarks during his meeting on Tuesday with Ali Asghar Khaji, the Iranian Foreign Minister's senior aide for Political Affairs, and the accompanying delegation.

Talks dealt with developments of the Iranian nuclear deal following Washington's withdrawal from it and the recent US escalation against Iran aiming to destabilize the region and increase tension.

Discussion also focused on the progress made in the war on terrorism in Syria and the retaliation against the attacks being launched by the terrorist organizations in Idleb against civilians in neighboring areas. Developments in the political process, the forthcoming round of Astana talks on Syria and the regional and international situation were also discussed.

Syria, Russia Discuss Joint Efforts to Reactive Political Process in Parallel with Fight against Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Thursday received Russian President Vladimir Putin's Special Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin and the accompanying delegation.

Talks dealt with developments in Syria and the joint Syrian-Russian action concerning these developments, mainly the fight to eliminate terrorism in the areas where it still exists.

The Russian envoy affirmed his country's firm support for the Syrian state's efforts to restore security and stability over the entire Syrian territory.

Moscow-Damascus efforts to reactive the political process in Syria in parallel with the continuous war on terrorism were also discussed.

The two sides expressed determination to continue their joint work to achieve the hoped-for goals despite the escalating pressure being practiced by some western countries on Syria and Russia aiming to foil their efforts and to prolong the war as to achieve the interests of these western countries on the expense of the Syrian people and the stability of the entire region.

President Al-Assad Performs Eid al-Fitr Prayers at the Mosque of President Hafez al-Assad in Damascus

DAMASCUS- President Bashar Al-Assad on Wednesday performed the prayers of Eid al-Fitr (the Festival which marks the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan) at the Mosque of President Hafez Al-Assad in Damascus.

Minister of Awqaf (Religious Endowments), Syria’s Grand, senior officials in the state and the Baath Arab Socialist Party, a number of the People’s Assembly members, a number of Islamic scholars and a crowd of citizens also performed the prayers along with President Al-Assad, according to SANA.

Sheikh Bashir Eid al-Bari delivered the Eid sermon in which he stressed the great and sublime meanings of the blessed Eid al-Fitr.