President Al-Assad Offers Condolences to Iran's Khamenei, Rouhani on Rafsanjani's Death

DAMASCUS – President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday sent two condolences cables to Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran Ali Khamenei and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the passing away of Iran’s former President and Head of the Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

On behalf of the Syrian people and government and on his own behalf, President Al-Assad offered deep condolences to leader Khamenei and President Rouhani. He expressed confidence that the Iranian republic will be able to surpass this great loss and continue building on his contributions.

President Assad Received Iran's Supreme National Security Council Chairman

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ President Bashar Al-Assad received here Sunday Iran's Supreme National Security Council Chairman, Ali Shamkhani and an accompanying delegation.

Assertion was laid during the meeting on the determination of Syria and Iran to pursue the bolstering of their strategic relations, particularly in light of the ongoing war of terrorism against Syria.

President Assad pointed out that the liberation of Aleppo from terrorists is an important step for victory in war imposed on Syria, asserting that the coming phase will not be easy given the fact that  the West, its tools and proxy are persistent in backing the takfiri terrorist organizations.

President Assad asserted that Syria, given the help of its friends especially Iran and Russia, is to spare no efforts for providing the appropriate background as to find a solutions enabling the Syrians to decide the future of their country with no foreign interference.

Mr. Shamkhani congratulated President Assad and the Syrian People over the liberation of Aleppo, asserting that Iran will spare no efforts as to boost the Syrians' steadfastness, hence defeating terrorism and its backers is not only decisive for Syria but for all the people of the region who desire the restoration of peace and security drawing their future.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Syrian Iranian Relations Bolstered

 Continued Cooperation against Terrorism Underscored

 President al-Assad receives Khrrazi

Syria’s Friendly Countries Played Key Role in Backing Syrians’ Steadfastness

Determination of Syria and its Friends to Pursue Fight against Terrorism Reiterated

Cooperation with Syria in its War against Terrorism Highly Evaluated

Syrian People trust in the Iranian role underlined

The cancerous spread of terrorism should be encountered

Iran Support in the Battle against Terrorism

Syrian-Iranian Economic Relations boosted

Syrians’ Determination to Eliminate Terrorism

Friendly Countries’ Support Greatly Enhanced Syrian People’s Steadfastness

Syrian- Iranian economic relations to be bolstered

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President Assad Receiving a French Delegation

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad received here Sunday the visiting French Delegation, comprising 3 MPs from the French National Assembly and a group of intellectuals, chaired by MP Thierry Mariani.

President Assad asked about the safety of the delegation which was targeted by a terrorist attack near Aleppo Airport.

President Assad asserted that the Syrian People has been under similar attacks by terrorist organizations, backed by regional and Western countries, since the beginning of the war against Syria.

These attacks caused the martyrdom  of tens of thousands of Syrians and caused the destruction of Syria's infrastructure as well, added H.E. President Assad.

President Assad pointed out that the delegation movements in Syria, particularly in Aleppo might help them as to have realistic viewpoints regarding the crimes perpetrated by the terrorists against the Syrian People.

Regarding the French policy on Syria, President Assad asserted that the current policy of Paris is distanced from the reality of the ongoing war against Syria and helped as to aggravate conditions through its support for the terrorist organizations, which is in the interest of nobody, particularly of the French.

On their part, members of the visiting French delegation stated that their current visit to Syria in general and to Aleppo  in particular is a genuine opportunity to view what the Syrian People has been exposed to during this war.

The viewed and seen on the ground proved the big improvement of conditions on the ground, which proved the capability and ability of the Syrian People and Army as to restore security, stability and steadfastness in the face of terrorism, underlined the delegation members.

The delegation members underscored that the Public opinion in the West, especially the French, is by now aware that the information about the ongoing in Syria and the region is not true and includes many disinformation, asserting their determination to help the public opinion as to have the true picture about the ongoing with no distortion.

 On December 29th, 2016, President Assad received a joint delegation, comprising MPs from the European Parliament and the Federal assembly of Russia, where President Assad asserted that EU officials have to know that the solution in Syria is by the Syrian People.

If the European Countries want to help the Syrian People, they should first halt support to terrorists and lift the unjust embargo hitting the daily basics for the Syrians, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

President Assad pointed out that Western officials have to admit that the terrorist attacks in their countries are but a result for their wrong policies and have accordingly to ask themselves about whether the policies pursued by them are to or against the interests of their people.

Regarding the fight against terrorism operation, H.E. President Assad added that this operation is being carried out through  the military track, which is going in a good form due to the Russian support, draining the financial resources which the terrorists can depend on as to recruit people to their ranks.

''Most importantly is also the know-how to deal terrorism as an ideology where the Wahabi thinking worldwide should be eliminated as to succeed in fighting terrorism,'' outlined President Assad.

"Russia through its backing to Syria does defend the security of the Syrians as much as defending the security of its people and of the Europeans too,"  highlighted President Assad.


On July 10, 2016, H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad underscored the important role to be played by European MPs as to correct the wrong policies adopted by some of their governments.

Receiving a delegation from the European Parliament, chaired by  Vice-President for the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament Javier Couso, President Assad pointed out that such wrong g policies led to the mushrooming of terrorism and to deterioration of Syrians' life conditions through the imposed economic siege and sanctions.

Such sanctions push many Syrians to leave Syria and migrate to other states, outlined H.E. President Assad.

The ongoing in Syria and the region is consequently to have big influence over Europe in light of geography and standing cultural bonds, added President Assad.

The crises facing Europe including terrorism and extremism and the waves of migrations and refugees were caused by the pursuance by some leaders in the West of policies not in the interest of their people, particularly once such leaders provided backing and political cover for the terrorist groups in Syria.

Members of the European MPs pointed out that their visit to Syria and touching of the sufferings imposed on the Syrians because of terrorism crimes would but enable them to work for correcting the policies of European governments and work as to lift the unjust sanctions imposed on the Syrian People.

The sovereignty and integrity of Syria should be safeguarded, underscored members of the visiting European MPs, asserting that the Syrians alone are to decide the future of Syria away from any foreign interference.

Talks during the meeting dealt with the conditions in Syria and the takfiri terrorist war against the Syrian People and the destructive consequences of terrorism proliferation which hit scores of regions worldwide.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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 Strategy of Syrian Army and its Allies

 Terrorism and extremist thinking

Stability to be positively reflected on the region and on Europe

Reality is different from propagated

 Fighting Terrorism Needs Real Political Will

Cooperation and Coordination against Terrorism Discussed

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad received here Thursday Iraq's National Security Adviser Faleh  al-Fayad, the envoy of Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi.

Mr. al-Fayad conveyed a verbal message to President Assad from Premier al-Abadi, who reiterated the importance of cooperation and coordination between Syria and Iraq in their war against the terrorist organizations with all of their names, and the necessity of this cooperation in the coming phase.

Assertion was laid that the accomplishments against terrorism in both countries, the last of which was in Aleppo and al-Mosul, do represent the victory for the sisterly people of Syria and Iraq; hence the enemy of terrorism is but the same and so is its destructive takfiri ideology.

President Assad and Advisor al-Fayad underscored the importance of rallying of efforts by all countries as to fight terrorism, which acknowledges no borders, given the terrorist attacks worldwide.

On July 13, 2016, President Assad stressed that both the Syrian and Iraqi armies are waging the same war against terrorism, asserting that any victory achieved by one of the two countries is a victory for both and for all parties which are serious about fighting and eliminating terrorism.

Iraq's National Security Adviser  al-Fayad  conveyed then  to President Al-Assad a letter from Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi dealing with political, military and security cooperation between Syria and Iraq, particularly in terrorism fighting.

 President Al-Assad congratulated the Iraqi people and government on the victories and gains being achieved  by the Iraqi army and Popular Hashd (mobilization) forces in their battle against ISIS terrorist organization, particularly the major victory represented by liberating the city of Falluja from ISIS terrorists.

The guest Iraqi official briefed President Al-Assad on the Iraqi army's preparations to advance into the city of al-Musol and rid it of terrorism.

He reiterated the Iraqi leaderships’ keenness on enhancing communication and coordination with the Syrian government as such coordination would have positive results in the fight against terror groups which have become a serious threat to the region and the entire world.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Syrians Firmness and Commitment to their Identity and Civilization Underscored

 DAMASCUS,(ST)_ the terrorist war against Syria for years targeting the Syrian People in all of their sects and belongings has failed in achieving one of its most dangerous objective as to strike the unity and harmony of the Syrians, underlined H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

Receiving the visiting Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia of the Armenian Apostolic Church, His Holiness Catholicos Aram I Keshishian, and an accompanying delegation, President Assad asserted that this war has instead increased the Syrians firmness and determined commitment  to their identity and civilization, ever based on plurality and diversity.

 Catholicos Aram I Keshishian congratulated President Assad and the Syrian People over the liberation of Aleppo from the terrorists groups and from their heinous crimes for years.

   His Holiness Catholicos Aram I Keshishian expressed the hope that all of Syria is to be liberated from terrorism as to have peace and safety restored to Syria as soon as possible.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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