European Countries' Wrong Policies on Syria Led to Spread of Terrorism, Refugee Crisis

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The wrong policies adopted by European countries on Syria and the entire region, represented by supporting terrorism and extremism and imposing economic sanctions on peoples, have led to the spread of terrorism and to a huge wave of refugees to Europe, President Bashar Al-Assad told a European parliamentary delegation led by Javier Couso, Deputy Chairman of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee during a meeting on Sunday.

Correct Spread of True Religion against Extremism Underlined

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ any measure related to the future of Syria is to be only decided upon by the Syrian People, reiterated H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

Receiving here Wednesday the Youth Religious Team, comprising preachers from all Syria's governorates in presence of Minister of Religious Affairs, President Assad asserted that the most important task of the Team is to reformulate and correct clichés and wrong concepts as to correctly spread true religion in the face of extremism.

The war we are waging is that of reason, which, in turn, necessitates dialogue means possession by the Team members and the logic of analysis and deduction reasoning as to consecrate a balanced speech away from superficiality in tackling religious causes.

President Assad called for reasoning and awareness as to comprehend the philosophy of life and comprehend the true meaning of the Holy Quran.

On another topic regarding the City of Aleppo, President Assad added that the steadfastness of Aleppo citizens was decisive for the victory against terrorism given the big sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Return to Your Normal Life with Your Families

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ ' Though of the suffering caused to you-by the terrorist kidnappers-, we want you to return to your normal life with your families in your villages and countries. We want you to be, and you are, the example for steadfastness, nationalism and defiance,'' said H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad to a group of Syrian families' members recently liberated from the foreign backed terrorists.

'Not a single day passed without questions from the people asking about you, without the State, in all of its institutions, searching for you; the aim for every soldier and for every martyr was to secure your return,' added President Assad to tens of women and children who were kidnapped by terrorist groups at Lattakia Countryside fore more than a half and three years.

'We have been and are ever by you and would never let you down and let bygones be so; we do believe in God and in Syria, the Syrians and the citizens who keep you steadfast and do make us standing altogether shoulder to shoulder during the crisis you have gone through,'' outlined H.E. President Assad.

Meantime, H.E. the First Lady Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, asserted that the strong will embodied by the released women and children during the years of being kidnapped should continue through the rebuilding of their life and working to compensate for their children what they lost of life and education, given the fact that many of them lived their first childhood years under the yoke of kidnappers.'

The released underlined that though of the inhumane conditiond and the hard times during their kidnapping, their trust was firm in their State and Institutions, pledging their determination to stand again and overcome the hard years of being kidnapped.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Abrahim

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The Pivotal Role of Russia Worldwide Underlined

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The Syrian People are determined to defend their country and to pursue the path of national reconciliations as the best way forward for ending war and achieving the peaceful solution, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

Receiving a Russian Parliamentarian delegation chaired by MP Dmitry Sablin, who coordinates between the Russian Duma MPs and Syrian MPs, President Assad highly evaluated the stances of Russia and the sacrifices in the fight against terrorist organizations.

President Assad cited the pivotal role of Russia, in Syria as well as in the international stage, in the face of the Western schemes a to exert hegemony on the states which are committed  to their sovereignty and defense of their peoples' interests.

H.E. underlined that the course of conditions in Syria goes in the direction up to what both Syria and Russia desire.

EU Countries Isolated Themselves

 DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Most of European countries have adopted unrealistic policy since the beginning of the war in Syria, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

Receiving a Belgian Parliamentarian delegation chaired by MP Filip Dewinter, President Assad added and in consequence these EU countries isolated themselves and destroyed every possible role and inflicted damage on the interests of their people through backing organization which perpetrated every terrorism against the Syrian People.

''There are Western politicians who work for their win in elections and not for the interest of their people and countries; which, in turn, affected the EU status and role in the world,'' outlined President Assad.

Viewpoints were exchanged regarding new developments in Syria and latest international changes.

Members of the visiting Belgian Delegation asserted that eliminating terrorism in Syria would definitely lead to its shrinking worldwide, highly lauding the success of the Syrian Arab Army in liberation Aleppo from terrorist.

The members of the delegation described their current visit, particularly to Aleppo, as very fruitful leading to help public opinion as to be acquainted with the reality in Syria away from media lies and distortions.

Yesterday, MP  Dewinter  expressed anger over the Belgian government's non-objective stance towards the Syrian government as it doesn't see that the wahhabi terrorism targeting Syria will expand to reach Europe.    

In a press conference on Sunday, Dewinter said the Belgian government implements the dictates of the United States, expressing hope that things will change with the new American administration and Belgium will be able to make independent decisions.

The Belgian lawmaker announced that members of the delegation will spare no effort to pressure on the Belgian parliament and the international organizations as to help lift the economic siege imposed on Syria. He said that during their visit to hospitals and makeshift housing centers, members of the delegation saw how the siege has directly affected the life of the Syrian people.

 Foreign-backed Terrorists Seek Destroying Syria to Eliminate Country's Secular Values

Dewinter affirmed the need to unify all efforts aiming to fight the terrorism which is targeting Syria and threatening the entire world, pointing out that the wahhabi terrorists, backed by Gulf states and Turkey, seek destroying Syria as to eliminate the country's secular values.

"Making a shift in the European government's views about the stance towards Syria needs more time and the visit of European politicians to Syria to know the reality of events in the country needs enough political courage," Dewinter said, pointing out that many countries have practiced wrong policies towards Syria, including Turkey which facilitated the entry of terrorists into the country and funded and armed them.

Dr. Mohmmad Abdo Al-Ibrahim/ Hamda Mustafa