Victories over Terrorism in Syria Contributed to Foiling West's Schemes against the Region

DAMASCUS, (ST)-  H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad  has stressed that the major victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in cooperation with Russia and other allies in the fight against terrorism have been an important factor  in foiling hegemony and division schemes designed by the West and its agents against Syria and the region.

President Al-Assad, during his meeting on Thursday with the Russian President's Special Envoy for Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev and the accompanying delegation,  added that theses victories enhance efforts as to find peaceful solution that restores stability to Syria.

 The meeting focused on growing cooperation between Syria and Russia in all domains, particularly in the fight against terrorism in addition to Astana process as well as the forthcoming National Syrian Dialogue Congress in Sochi.

President Al-Assad and Lavrentiev affirmed the importance of good preparation for the congress in order to come up with positive results that embody the aspirations of the Syrian people in protecting their homeland and restoring security and stability to the country.

"The Russian  support for the Syrian people in confrontation of the terrorist war imposed on them over the past years has contributed to boosting the historical ties between the two friendly countries," said President Al-Assad, noting the importance of expanding cooperation in the economic field to serve the interests of the peoples of both countries.

Lavrentiev, on his part, affirmed that his country will continue providing all possible support for Syria in its efforts to fight terrorism and to maintain its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He expressed the readiness of the Russian government as well as the Russian economic sectors to effectively take part in Syria's process of reconstruction.

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Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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On Christmas and New Year, President Al-Assad and His Family Visit Injured Army Personnel in Homs

HOMS-On Christmas and the New Year, President Bashar Al-Assad , accompanied by Mrs. Asma al-Assad and their children, visited on Friday a number of injured Army personnel in Homs city and its countryside, the Syrian News Agency (SANA) reported.

In Homs city, President al-Assad and his family visited Michael Tannous, who sustained injuries while performing his duty in defending the homeland that caused disability rated at 100% and who is receiving treatment and care by “Jarih al-Watan” (Injured of the Homeland) program which also helped him to integrate into the society.

Humanitarian Situation in Syria Worsened by Terrorist War, Economic Siege Imposed on the Syrians

DAMASCUS, (ST)-President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that the terrorist war and the economic siege imposed on the Syrian people have worsened the humanitarian situation in Syria, according to the Syrian Presidency facebook page.

During his meeting on Tuesday with the Head of International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Francesco Rocca and the accompanying delegation, President Al-Assad said the Syrian State, with all its institutions, continues to do all things that would alleviate the Syrian citizens’ suffering, caused by the inhuman and immoral acts committed by the terrorist organizations, including the enhancement of cooperation with IFRC.

Those who support terrorism have no right to talk about peace: President Assad

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The war on  terrorism is ongoing and is to end only through the elimination of the last terrorist in Syria; underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, citing the accomplished important measures in eliminating the main centers of Daesh.

In a question-answer briefing following his talks with the visiting Russian official and economic delegation chaired by Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin, Daesh is part of  terrorism but not all  terrorism. There are still other terrorist groups like al-Nusra and many others and with Western baking, added H.E. President Assad.

"Whoever works under the leadership of a foreign country against his country, his Army, and his people is a traitor, especially those who work with the Americans." H.E. President Assad said in reply to a questions about those stand with  terrorism backers against Syria.

In reply to another question, President Assad blasted some sides in the foreign backed oppositions as dancing to the music of those who pay more of dollars, once paid a one-dollar banknote would give a certain voice, and once paid a 10 dollar banknote would give multi voices with different tunes.

Russian Role in Fighting Terrorism Highlighted

LATTAKIA, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad met at Khmeimim Airbase  Monday morning H.E. President  President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Presidents Assad and Putin reviewed the military forces at the Airspace, where President Putin ordered the start of preparations for the withdrawal of the Russian Forces from Syria.

President Assad thanked President Putin for the active participation of Russia in fighting terrorism in Syria, asserting that the Syrian People will never forget what the Russian military personnel whose blood was mixed with the blood of the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army have done in encountering terrorism.