Peoples Assembly Opens Presidential Candidacy


PA Receives First Presidential Candidacy Application from MP Maher Abdul Hafeez Hajjar

DAMASCUS- Speaker of the People's Assembly (PA) on Wednesday announced that the PA received from the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) the first presidential candidacy application submitted by MP Maher Abdul Hafeez Hajjar.

Hajjar's bid for presidency comes a day after President of the Higher Constitutional Court (SCC) Adnan Zreik had announced that the court was ready to receive candidacy applications for the post of President of the Syrian Arab Republic starting from Tuesday until May 1st, 2014.

MP Maher Abdul Hafeez Hajjar, born in Aleppo in 1968, submitted the application to the SCC attached with documents required to run in the coming presidential elections.

SCC Announces Court Ready to Accept Presidential Candidacy Applications

DAMASCUS, (ST)-President of the Higher Constitutional Court (SCC) Adnan Zreik on Tuesday announced that "starting from today morning the court is ready to receive applications for candidacy for the post of President of the Syrian Arab Republic." The deadline set for accepting applications is May 1st.

Speaker of People's Assembly (PA) Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham in a PA session yesterday announced that the door was opened for Presidential hopefuls to submit for candidacy in implementation of the rules of the new constitution approved by the Syrian people in a general referendum in 2012.

Peoples Assembly Opens Presidential Candidacy

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Speaker of the People Assembly, Mohammad Jihad Lahham, announced today the opening for the Syrian Presidential elections.

During the parliament session held in the presence of Prime minister, members of the government, representatives of national and international media outlets, Lahham said "from the people assembly, I would like to tell the people of Syria that the time for presidential election has come as the elections will be carried out on time without any delay."

 “Candidates can start submitting their applications to the Supreme Constitutional Court starting from April 22nd through May 1st,” he added.