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President Al-Assad : “We, as Arabs, need to lay down the foundations for political relations based on the interests of peoples”

DAMASCUS, Jan. 31, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad received on Monday the Omani Foreign Minister Bader Bin Hamad Al-Bousaedi and the accompanying delegation.
The talks between the two sides dealt with the distinguished relations between Syria and Oman and the fields of bilateral cooperation between the two brotherly countries. 

President Al-Assad gives general amnesty to desertion crimes

DAMASCUS, Jan. 25, (ST)-President Bashar Al-Assad issued on Tuesday legislative decree No.3 for the year 2022, giving a general amnesty to external and internal desertion crimes that were committed before the25th of January 2022.
Basma Qaddour

President Al-Assad: Pressures on Russia are reactions to its active role in international arena

DAMASCUS, Jan. 20 (ST)-President Bashar Al-Assad received on Thursday the Russian President’s Special Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev and the accompanying delegation. 
The talks between the two sides dealt with the recent development at the regional and international arenas and political issues of common interest. 

President Al-Assad triples fund for external study

DAMASCUS, Jan.16, (ST)-President Bashar Al-Assad issued on Sunday instructions on tripling the fund for external study  for the children of martyrs and completely disabled military personnel as well as for the children of  missing people, who have been absent for 4 years .


Basma Qaddour 


Presidential decree grants workers in public cancer hospitals extra compensations

President Bashar Al-Assad on Saturday issued Legislative Decree No. 2 which grants employees in the public cancer hospitals extra compensations for the nature of their work based on their current monthly salary.

The compensation is between 20-65% of the salary in accordance with the nature of the work.

Workers in the departments of radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, chemotherapy, stem cell transplantation and the medical physics are covered in this decree.