President Bashar Al-Assad issues decree raising the monthly salaries for civilian employees and military personnel

On July 11th, President Bashar al-Assad issued Legislative Decree no. 19 for the year 2021, raising salaries of civilian employees and military personnel by 50 percent.

O. al-Mohammad

President al-Assad offers condolences to President Putin on the victims of the civilian passenger plane crash

Damascus (ST):  President Bashar al-Assad today sent  a cable to Russian President Vladimir Putin, expressing his heartfelt condolences over the victims of the civilian passenger plane accident that crashed in the Russian Kamchatka region.

In his cable, President al-Assad said: “We were saddened by the news of the crash of a civilian passenger plane in the Kamchatka region, which resulted in the loss of lives. I extend to you and through you to the Russian people my deepest condolences, praying to God to inspire their families patience and serenity.

President al-Assad added: We share your feelings of sadness and pain over this unfortunate incident, and we hope that God will spare your country and your friendly people all harm and mischief.

President Assad congratulates Iranian president Raisi on winning the elections

President Assad wished the new President of the Islamic Republic of Iran success in his role as leader of his nation towards more development and achievement.During the phone call stress was laid on the necessity of continuous work between the two sides and the need to coordinate in matters of mutual concern

Reem Haddad

President Al-Assad received Lavrentiev

DAMASCUS, (ST)_President Bashar Al-Assad received on Thursday Alexander Lavrentiev, the special envoy for the Russian  president Vladimir Putin  and the accompanying delegation.
The talks during the meeting dealt with the strategic relations between Syria and Russia and means of expanding them in the common interest of the two countries ‘s peoples.  

President al-Assad receives a delegation that includes participants in the meeting of the permanent office of the Arab Lawyers Union

On June 28thPresident Bashar al-Assad received a delegation that includes participants in the meeting of the permanent office of the Arab Lawyers Union, which was held in Damascus. 

During the meeting, the talks tackled a number of topics and issues of concern to the Arab peoples, and the primary role that popular organizations and unions should play in this field

President al-Assad stressed the importance of the intellectual role that the Arab Lawyers Union should play to promote the idea of Arab nationalism by opening dialogues to confront currents that promote the loss of belonging and identity