President Al-Assad Issues Decrees Raising Salaries of Military Personnel and Pensions of Retired Military Personnel

DAMASCUS – President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday issued two decrees on raising the salaries of military personnel and the pensions of retired military personnel.

According to SANA, legislative decree no. 8 for 2018 stipulates for raising the salaries of military personnel by 30% of the total salary after adding compensation to the fixed sum, with the raise becoming part of it.

President Al-Assad Accepts Credentials of New Ambassadors of DPRK and Iraq

DAMASCUS, (ST)-President Bashar Al-Assad on Wednesday accepted the credentials of Moon Jong Nam, the new Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to Syria, and those of Saad Mohammad Rida, the new Iraqi Ambassador to the Syrian Arab Repubic.

Political Track should Be Encouraged

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Russia, people and leadership, are the partner in the victories achieved against the terrorists in Syria and these victories would never cease till the elimination of the last terrorist and the liberation what remains of terrorists hotbeds in Syria, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad .

President Assad pointed out, during his meeting with the visiting Russian President Special Envoy on Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, and the accompanying delegation, that some disillusioned international forces regarding the reality of the ongoing in Syria are but an obstacle before the achieving of any progress on the political track.

H.E. President Assad called on these distanced from the reality sides to have at least the minimum of  political realism and as to halt supporting terrorism and move to political work.

President Assad Receives Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad underscored the importance of the bolstering  of economic cooperation between Syria and Iran and all the countries which are committed to the defence of their sovereignty and independence.

''Such cooperation is one of the best means as to resist the Western schemes which use sanctions and imposed unjust economic measures as a means to siege and damage the people for subjugating them to the Western hegemony,'' added President Assad.

President Assad received today the visiting Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akhoundi, the Head of the Iranian side to meetings of the Syrian-Iranian Joint Ministerial Economic Committee, and the accompanying delegation.

The talks dealt with the brotherly bonds linking Syria and Iran , particularly at the level of economic relations given the shared desire of Syria and Iran as to expand and strengthen their bilateral relations up to the level of the standing political and military ones.

Minister Akhoundi congratulated President Assad and the Syrian People for the important accomplishments and continued victories by the Syrian Army and its allies against terrorism , reiterating Iran 's continued support for Syria in all fields and Iran's willingness to actively participate in the re-building process.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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Presidents Assad-Putin Sochi Summit


SOCHI, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad  and H.E. President Vladimir Putin of Russia held a summit meeting at Sochi focusing at different joint bilateral issues, developments on the ground in Syria and on the new developments in the political process in Syria.

In brief statements, President Putin pointed out that the meeting touched upon the joint consequent steps as to pursue the fight against terrorism in Syria.

''We dealt with the victories and successes achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in its war against terrorism and the restoration of stability which provided the conditions conducive with the political process continuation,'' outlined President Putin.