SCC approves three presidential candidates' applications

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The Supreme Constitutional Court has approved three out of twenty-four applications submitted to run for the forthcoming presidential elections, Lawyer Majed Khadra declared on Sunday.

The court's Spokesman said at a news conference held today that the applications submitted by Mr. Maher Abdulhafiz Hajjar, Mr.Hassan Abdullah al-Nouri and Dr.Bashar Hafez al-Assad were approved.

MPs complete supporting twenty-four presidential candidates

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The members of parliament have completed supporting candidates for the forthcoming presidential elections under the constitution and the general election law, the official news agency reported on Friday.

Each candidate must receive the support of 35 MPs to make their run official.

Over the past 10 days, as of 22 April, the People's Assembly [Parliament] received twenty-four notifications from the Supreme Constitutional Court on applications submitted to it for registration as presidential candidates.

PA Notified of Six More Presidential Candidates

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The People's Assembly on Wednesday received from the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) notifications saying that six ew presidential candidacy applications were submitted by Mahmoud Khalil Halbouni, Mohammad Hassan al-Kanaan, Khaled Abdo al-Kreidi, Basheer Mohammad al-Balah, Ahmad Hassoun al-Abboud and Ayman Shamdin al-Issa Alam.

The new bids raise the number of candidates running in the coming presidential elections to 17.

Tomorrow is the deadline set by the SCC to accept applications.

H. Mustafa

Voters to Show ID at Polling Stations Inside the Country

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The Syrian citizens who illegally left the country could cast their votes at the border centers during the presidential elections, chief of the elections' Higher Judicial Committee says.

Judge Hesham al-Sha'aar declared today that there would be ballot boxes in the border centers inside the Syrian territories for the Syrian citizens, who illegally left the country, to vote for  the forthcoming presidential elections.

As for the Syrian residents abroad, the judge noted that the election record includes their names and they can vote using their valid Syrian Passport as an identification on May 28th.

PA Notified of New Presidential Candidacy Applications

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The People's Assembly has received from the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) new four notifications saying that Mr. Ali Mohammad Wannous, Mrs. Azza Mohammad Wajeeh al-Hallak, Mr. Talie' Saleh Naser and Mr. Samih Michael Moussa, had submitted their presidential candidacy applications, the PA Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham said on Tuesday.

The four new candidates submitted their applications of candidacy for the post of the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, attached with required documents, to the SCC, which will continue to accept applications till May 1st, 2014.  

With these four applications, the number of presidential candidates raised to 11.

H. Mustafa