President Al-Assad at Hmeimim Airbase: Russia Provided Weapons, Blood in Support of Syria

HMEIMIM, Lattakia, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad, Commander in Chief of the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces, on Tuesday visited Hmeimim airbase and inspected the Russian forces operating there.

Accompanied by Chief of  the General Staff of the Russian Army Valery Gerasimov and a number of Russian military commanders in the airbase, President Al-Assad inspected a number of aircraft and personnel carriers in addition to the military equipments and the different kinds of sophisticated weapons, including  the "SU-35" fighter jet, one of the most important warplanes in the world.

President Al-Assad and His Family Visit Wounded Army Personnel in Hama Countryside

HAMA, (ST)-President Bashar Al-Assad and his family on Monday visited Syrian army wounded personnel at their houses in their villages in Hama countryside. The wounded soldiers were injured while defending their homeland against takfiri terrorism.

The Fight against Terrorism, Corruption Pursued

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ President Bashar Al-Assad's Eid Al-Fitr Prayers at 'Al-Nur Mosque' in Hamma, 186 K.M. from Damascus, is but a precursor for the Syrians that they are about to defeat the forging-backed Al-Qaeda affiliates and restore peace and security to Syria, declared Nijmaldin Al-Ali, Director of Hama Religious Affairs.

In a Prayer ceremony in celebration of Ramadan Fasting End, in presence of H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, Dr. Al-Ali highly lauded the role of the Syrian Army and his allies and brothers in encountering terrorism, praying for the best of luck for President Assad in leading Syria to the best of Syrians interests.

''One of the sinister goals behind the war against Syria and Syrians was to dismember and fracture the social fabrics among the Syrians, which were but bolstered and further cemented among the Syrians,'' Dr. Al-Ali underscored.

The preacher, in presence of top officials and hundreds citizens, added that President Assad's leadership and directions would lead Syria but to the more of the fight against terrorism, corruption.

President Al-Assad Launches National Project for Administrative Reform

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Tuesday launched the National Program for Administrative Reform.

Chairing a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, President Al-Assad said the project is based on creating a unified and harmonious strategy for all ministries through a center for measurement and administrative support that puts the structures and job descriptions at institutions and finds mechanisms to measure the performance of institutions and fight corruption.

Hand in Hand in Fighting Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Victory is to be for Syria and Iran in the fight against terrorism, said President Bashar Al-Assad in a condolence phone call with President Hassan Rouhani of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

President Al-Assad offered heart-felt condolences to Iran and the Iranian People over the martyrs of the latest terrorist attacks against Iran, reiterating Syria's condemnation of such criminal terrorist attacks.

Syria is hand in hand with Iran in fighting terrorism in absolute and firm solidarity with Iran, people and government, underlined H.E. President Assad.

The terrorists and their masters resorted to the heinous terrorist aggressions against Iran  and to their self-created tools as to achieve political changes to their interests, because of their failure in weakening Iran and the Iranians in whatever means, President Assad noted

On his part, President Rouhani reiterated Iran's continued stand by Syria in its fight against terrorism as to restore its security and stability, pointing out that Iran and Syria are to pursue fighting terrorists and their backers whatever challenges were.

President Rouhani, who expressed thanks for President Assad's solidarity and condolences, asserted that the latest terrorist attacks against Iran would never weaken the determination and steadfastness of the Iranians, who are now more determined to fight terrorism.

The Iranian President highly appreciated the advances and accomplishments of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies on the ground, expressing full confidence that victory is to be for both countries in the fight against terrorist groups which target the security and stability of the whole region.

Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) and the mausoleum of the late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini in the capital Tehran have come under terrorist attacks.

According to latest figures by authorities, at least 17 people were killed in Wednesday's attacks and nearly 50 were injured.

The Daesh Takfiri terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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