President Al-Assad: Some Western Governments Still Supporting Terrorist Organizations in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that some western governments are still supporting terrorist organizations in Syria both directly and indirectly despite their suffering from terrorism which has begun to hit back in their countries.

The president made the remarks during his meeting on Sunday with an Italian parliamentary delegation led by Senator Paolo Romani, Head of the Italian Delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Talks during the meeting dealt with the latest developments in Syria under the ongoing terrorist war imposed on the Syrian people, the delegation's impression about what they saw during their visits to several liberated areas, in addition to the negative and misleading image presented in the western media about Syria during the war.

President Al-Assad: Syria Advancing Steadily towards Victory

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that despite the terrorist, military, economic and media war which has been imposed on the Syrian state for almost seven years, Syria is advancing steadily towards victory thanks to the sacrifices of its army, the steadfastness the Syrians and the support of Syria's friends.

President Al-Assad made the remarks during his meeting on Wednesday with a delegation comprising participants in the International Trade Union Conference for Solidarity with Workers and People of Syria against Terrorism, Blockade, Economic Sanctions and Imperial Intervention Policies.

Determination as to Pursue Fight against Terrorism Reiterated

 DAMASCUS,(ST)- H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad received a letter from his Russian Counterpart, H.E. President Vladimir Putin; the letter was conveyed by the Defence Minister of Russia, Sergey Shoigu.

In the letter President Putin congratulated President Assad on the breaking of the siege imposed on Deir Azzour for more than 3 years by daesh (ISIS) terrorists.

The plans as to continue the joint struggle, fight and cooperation between the Syrian Arab Army and Russian forces as to liberation of all of Deir Azzur from terrorism  was discussed during the meeting.

Assertion was made on the determination of both friendly countries as to pursue and bolster fighting terrorism in all of the Syrian regions till eliminating terrorism  fully as the war against terrorism is not only crucial for Syria but fateful for the entire region and would but draw through its consequences the future of the region people.

Putin Congratulates President Al-Assad on Lifting ISIS Siege on Deir Ezzor

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Vladimir Putin of Russia on Tuesday congratulated President Bashar Al-Assad on the great victory achieved by the Syrian Arab army and represented in breaking the siege that has been imposed by ISIS terrorist organization on the people of Deir Ezzor for almost three years.

In a cable, Putin highly evaluated this strategic victory and congratulated President Al-Assad with such an important step toward the liberation of Syria from terrorism, vowing  continuous active support for the Syrian Army in its war on terrorism.

President Assad Performed Adha Prayers at Qara in Qalamoun

 DAMASCUS,(ST)- H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad performed at Syedna Bilal Mosque at Qara in Qalamoun, DamascusCountryside, Friday Morning Eid Al-Adha Prayers.

Sheikh Mamoun Al-Qaderi, the Imam of the Mosque, delivered Eid Ceremony, asserting the sublime sacrifices of the hero Syrian Army and its brotherly allies in defending Syria against the foreign-backed terrorists.

Sheikh Al-Qaderi highlighted President Assad's, along with Syrians', Army's, and martyrs,  patience and wisdom in saving Syria to the shore of security and safety.

President Assad's wise and courageous leadership, and Army and Allies achieved the victory and restored the Eid victory to Qalamoun Area, crowned now with the personal presence  of President Assad among his citizens in Qalamoun, outlined Sheikh Mamoun Al-Qaderi.

Sheikh Al-Qaderi cited, in his ceremony to the crowded Mosque Prayers, the sublime meanings of performing Haj Duty, where the Wahabbi Monarchy of Saudia do not permit, for years, the Syrians to perform this duty- given the fact that the headquarters of Haj are there.

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad performed at Saad Bin Moaz Mosque in Daraya, Damascus Countryside, the prayers of Adha Feast on Monday, 12 September 2016 .

Sheikh Adnan Al-Afioni, delivered the Eid Ceremony in which he asserted that reconstruction of the destroyed by terrorism and Al-Qaeda affiliates should also aim at the reconstruction and rehabilitation of manners and morals.

Sheikh Afioni hailed the steadfastness of President Assad and the Syrian Arab Army in confronting the ongoing foreign-backed terrorism targeting Syria.

''religion is never the cause of the crisis but the ignorance of religion,'' Sheikh Afioni recalled President Assad's frequent assertions and dedication for truth and reality.