President Al-Assad Participates in Religious Festival on the Occasion of Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday

DAMASCUS-President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday participated in a religious festival held by Ministry of Endowments on the occasion of Prophet Mohammad’s birthday at Sa’ad bin Mo’az mosque in Damascus.

The President performed al-Isha’a prayers led by Imam Mohammad al-Bizm, Mufti of Damascus, according to SANA.

Minister of Endowments Mohammad Abul-Sattar al-Sayyed delivered a speech in which he pointed out to the life of Prophet Mohammad and his message which has started with combating unenlightenment, raising the flag of science, education and civilization and concluded by the announcement of the human rights in life, freedom and equality.

President Al-Assad Receives Jordanian Lawmakers, Stresses Parliamentarians' Role in Disseminating Awareness about Reality of Battle Facing Arab Region

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has underscored the importance of parliamentary delegations' visits to Syria, because they reflect the real stances of peoples and represent the compass of bilateral relations between countries; relations that should be based on achieving the interests and aspiration of the peoples.

President Al-Assad was speaking during a meeting on Monday with a Jordanian parliamentary delegation that comprised heads of some Jordanian Parliament committees and led by MP Abul Karim al-Daghmi. Talks focused on the importance of reactivating the Syrian-Jordanian relations in all fields as to serve the interests of the peoples of the two brotherly countries.

Food Security Has Been Key Factor in Enhancing Syria's Independent Decision

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Basher Al-Assad on Thursday received members of the Executive Office of the Arab Agricultural Engineers Union.

"One of the key factors which have contributed to enhancing Syria's independent decision over the past decades has been the food security guaranteed by the country's agricultural sector," President Al-Assad stressed, adding that "thus, one of the first goals of the terrorist groups in Syria was cutting the roads to hinder the delivery of agricultural crops in implementation of foreign schemes against the region that aim at preventing the region's countries from owning their decision.

Syrians Never Forget the Kidnapped


DAMASCUS, (ST)_  H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad received today the liberated kidnapped citizens from Al-Sweida Governorate along with their families.

''The Syrians, happy over the liberation of the last batch of Al-Sweida kidnapped, are never ever to forget their missing or kidnapped persons in other regions of Syria; the State, with all of its establishments, do consider their cause on top of its priorities and is indeed very keen on reaching to them and on liberating them whatever the way might be,'' President Assad said.

''Thanks are due to the men of the hero Syrian Arab Army, without of their sacrifices, martyrs and wounded, no kidnapped could return, and  without such Army all of Syria  would have been kidnapped. The Army has been protecting Syria and her soil, dignity and people. Every kidnapped liberated was liberated by the blood of the hero Syrian Arab Army. And every one who abstained from the service of the Army and the Homeland shoulders the responsibility for every martyr lost by Syria and by his family.'' Added President Assad.

Syria, Iran Vow to Continue Fighting Terrorism, Seeking Progress in Political Process

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad and Iran's Assistant Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Hussein Jaberi Ansari on Monday discussed the latest developments in Syria and the region. Focus was put on the Syrian-Iranian relations as a key factor for stability in the region and for facing the policies of the United States and its tools that aim at disseminating chaos in the region and weakening the countries that refuse to surrender to such policies