June 3rd will be date to announce victory over plot

Over the past four weeks, jubilant Syrians have been taking to the streets countrywide, staging various activities through which they expressed their support for holding the presidential elections for the first time in Syria, a remarkable accomplishment amid a three-year-old terrorist war concocted by the US, its western allies and Arab and regional tools with the aim of weakening Syria and ending resistance of Israeli occupation.

While stressing adherence to national unity and the nationalist pan-Arab policy of Syria and its unwavering stances towards Arab causes of destiny, the participants affirmed they will press ahead in fighting the takfiri terrorism and preserving the peaceful co-existence Syria has been famed for since time immemorial.

Presidential Candidate Hassan al-Nouri to ST: President Al-Assad Won the War Against Terrorism

The presidential candidate Hassan al-Nouri has said the crisis in Syria has moved into its final 'dangerous' phase and he is trying to convince the silent majority group, who doesn't care about the presidential vote, to elect the leader of their country.

Speaking to the Syriatimes e-newspaper, Mr. al-Nouri made it clear that the final phase of the crisis is dangerous because there will be irrational and unethical actions by those who have been involved in the crisis to minimize their losses.

Syrian people’s will stronger than conspiracy

The presidential elections in Syria are the right of the Syrian citizens and they serve the interests of the Syrian people and restoring security and stability to the country. The elections will be held in an atmosphere of transparency, honesty and democracy. Electing a president will speed up and strengthen any future political process, rather than hinder it as the enemies of Syrian people claim.

The presidential elections process reflects the values of freedom and democracy the Syrian people enjoy, as they are also a determination on confronting the aggression launched against the country. The participation in this process represents gratitude for the Syrian Arab army in its war against terrorism, as it is also an occasion to prove to the world that Syria is a nation that deserves to live freely without any foreign diktat.

MP Marwan Oulabi to ST: Ballot Boxes to Decide Who Will Lead Syria

The US administration and its international and regional tools have  plunged into disarray because of the Syrian people's determination to never give up a single iota of their national decision to elect their leader without foreign intervention.

The recent remark made by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Syrian presidential elections as well as the intention of France and German to prevent Syrians living in their countries from voting in Syria's presidential elections are fresh clues about the foreign intervention to impede the presidential elections.

To talk more about the reasons behind the international criticism of the forthcoming presidential elections and current situation in northern Aleppo province, the Syriatimes e-newspaper interviewed the MP Mohammad Marwan Oulabi.

Presidential Candidate Hajjar: Syria Battling Foreign Powers Targeting Syrian People

 DAMASCUS, (ST)-Syria is battling foreign powers targeting all the components and sects of the Syrian people, Presidential Candidate Maher Hajjar has stressed.

Interviewed by the Syrian Alikhbaria Syria TV yesterday to talk about his electoral statement, Hajjar said he decided to nominate himself to the post of the President of the Syrian Arab Republic because "the people need a new political view and a new concept in political relations."

"The terrorism striking Syria, is one of the reasons behind my candidacy, Hajjar added.

On the economic side, Hajjar said the core economic problem in Syria is the economic policies adopted since mid 1990s and which was based on an old-fashioned European economic mentality.