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President Al-Assad visits the Electronic Citizen Service Center in Damascus

Damascus, (ST) - President Bashar Al-Assad visited on Wednesday the Electronic Citizen Service Center in Damascus, which began providing services to citizens.

President Al-Assad discussed with the center’s staff the mechanism of work , which is mainly based on the orders of transactions and personal documents online . Citizens are able to obtain  any document or order from their home or  place of work without the need to go to public departments to fill the necessary applications .

His Excellency also listened to a detailed explanation about the forms of transactions currently provided by the center and other transactions or documents that would be later provided for the citizens. The electronic services will facilitate the administrative procedures, save a lot of time, effort and money, and ensure transparency in the procedures and required documents.

President al-Assad issues law on state’s general budget

DAMASCUS, (ST)_President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday issued law No. 23 for 2020 that allocates the approbations of the state’s general budget for the fiscal year of 2021 with a total amount of  8500  billion Syrian pound.
Basma Qaddour

Syria's new ambassador to Iran sworn in before President al-Assad

The newly-appointed Syria’s ambassador to Iran Shafiq Dayoub was sworn in on Thursday before President Bashar al-Assad.
President al-Assad received Ambassador Dayoub and provided him with directives, wishing him success in his mission.
Basma Qaddour

The Newly appointed FM sworn in before President al-Assad

DAMASCUS, (ST)_The newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Faisal al-Miqdad was sworn in before President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday.

The president asserted during his meeting with al-Miqdad that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates plays a key role in confronting the political and diplomatic war being waged against Syria, refuting disinformation campaigns, enhancing relations with friendly countries and allies and opening new horizons for cooperation in all fields.

Presidential decrees naming Dr. Mikdad as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates and Dr. Al-Jaafari as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates

 On November 22, President Bashar Al-Assad issued decrees Nos. 322 and 323, providing for appointing Dr. Faisal Mikdad as Minister of Foreign Affairs  and Expatriates and Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates.

President Bashar Al-Assad also issued decreeNo. 324 providing for transferring Ambassador Bassam al-Sabbagh from the Syrian Embassy in Vienna to the Permanent Mission  in New York and accrediting him as Syria’s Permanent Representative at the United Nations in New York.

O. al-Mohammad