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President al-Assad participates in the religious celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Mohammad in Al-Murabit Mosque in Damascus

 President Bashar al-Assad participated in the religious celebration held by the Ministry of Awqaf this afternoon, commemorating the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in mosque Al-Murabit Mosque in Damascus. The President performed the noon prayer, which was headed by the Grand Mufti of Damascus Sheikh Abdulfattah al-Buzem.

The ceremony began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Sheikh Salim Abdo Al-Akkad.

The Minister of Awqaf, Dr. Mohamed Abdel SattarEl Sayed, delivered a speech in which he referred to the lofty meanings of this anniversary and the example of the Prophet Muhammad which should be followed by all humanity, and is manifested in the preservation of human rights and self-sacrifice, the sin  of self killing, advocating the safeguard of women rights and terminating the enslavement  of people.

The Minister pointed out that the Prophet called for the rule of reason and science and urged on all human beings to have morals, friendship and brotherly relations with others without any discrimination because of religion or race, stressing that true Islam is the religion of moderation, which rejects extremism, killing and terrorism.

The Minister of Awqaf addressed President al-Assad, saying: With you and thanks to your firm positions, Syria won, the Islam won, the army and people won, paying tribute to the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army who face terrorism and Turkish-Erdogan Brotherhood occupation with courage.

The Minister added that Syria has maintained its independence, safeguarded the dignity of its people and defended its soil with the Syrian Arab army who achieved the interests of the people despite the West enemies and its terrorist extremist agents.

The ceremony was concluded with a call by Sheikh Adnan al-Afyouni, the Mufti of Damascus and its countryside, to preserve Syria and its people andarmy, preserve Al-Assad, save the homeland from terrorism, mercy on the martyrs and heal the wounded so that Syria can return stronger, safer and prosperous.

The ceremony included religious prayers for Sheikh Salim Abdo Akkad and his band.

A number of senior state and party officials, Islamic scholars and a crowd of citizens attended the ceremony.

Inas Abdulkareem

President Al-Assad: EU sanctions have failed to make the Syrians rise up against their government

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The sanctions that have been imposed on the Syrian people by western countries, including the EU states, have aimed at inciting the Syrians to rise up against their government, but they failed, President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed in an interview with RT International,  according to a video posted by the Syrian Presidency's facebook page.

The interview will be broadcast in full on Monday.

 Asked about what Syria did when the British government sent the royal navy to intercept an Iranian vessel claiming that the Iranian government was sending heating oil for Syria and about whether the sanctions from the European Union will hit the poorest people in Syria this winter, President Al-Assad said :"First of all this is piracy by the United Kingdom's regime and  second, yes, they wanted to affect the people in Syria, because those people were expected to rise against their government during the different stages of the war but they didn't. They were supposed to be supporting the terrorists, the moderate rebels, the angels of the White Helmets, but the people didn't."

The main focus

The Syrian citizen has always been the main focus of President Bashar Al-Assad. President Assad's recent Syrian TV interview, tackled several issues concerning the domestic affairs for this very citizen. Amaong the raised points underscored by President Assad are:

•        Fighting terrorism is not achieved by theorizing, making rhetorical statements or by preaching. 

•        As for postponing, had we waited for an international decision – and by international decision I mean American, British, French and those who stand with them – we would not have liberated any region in Syria since the first days of the war.

President al-Assad addressed those who care to listen to the truth

Under the title "President al-Assad of Syria tells the truth for all who care to listen", the Canadian political analyst Mark Taliano wrote an article arguing how a political figure tells the truth and takes a bold stand against the international cancer that is destroying international law, nation-state sovereignty, and humanity itself, with its war lies and its international terrorism. 

He described Western politicians as perception managers, puppets, deep state stooges.

President al-Assad’s interview with the Syrian TV and the Syrian Alikhbaria TV

DAMASCUS-President Bashar al-Assad stressed that the scenario broadcast by the US about the killing operation of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of Daesh organization, is part of the US tricks and we should not believe what they say unless they give the proof.

The President added in an interview given to the Syrian TV and the Syrian Alikhbaria TV on Thursday, that the Russian-Turkish agreement on northern Syria is temporal, and it curbs the Turkish excess to achieve more damage through occupying more Syrian territories and cut the road in front of the US.

President Al-Assad affirmed that the entrance of the Syrian Arab Army into regions of northern Syria is an expression of the entrance of the Syrian State with all services it offers, adding that the army has reached the majority of the regions, but not completely.

The President underlined that Syria hasn’t offered any concessions regarding the formation of the committee of discussing the constitution.

Following is the full text of the interview as published by the Syrian Arab news Agency (SANA).