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President Al-Assad, Khaji emphasize the need to continue the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee without foreign interference

President Bashar Al-Assad on Wednesday received Ali Asghar Khaji, Senior Aid to Iran's Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, and the accompanying delegation.

Discussions during the meeting focused on the strategic relations between Syria and Iran as well as cooperation in all domains, mainly economy to help the Syrian people confront the siege and the unilateral coercive measures imposed on their country. 

Talks focused on several political topics, including the meetings held in Astana format and the need to build on what has been achieved in previous meetings, in addition to the topics on the agenda of the next meeting in the Russian city of Sochi. 

The two sides also talked about the meetings of the constitutional committee on Syria recently held in Geneva, emphasizing the need to continue the work of this committee without foreign interference in accordance with the rules of procedures that were previously agreed upon and with a clear work mechanism that starts with discussing the main principles and reaching rapprochement on them and then moving to other details.

President Al-Assad gives directives to pay off wounded military personnel's loans

DAMASCUS, (ST)_President Bashar Al-Assad gave directives to pay off the loans of the soldiers, with  40% to 100% disability because of wounds they sustained during military operations.
Thousands of soldiers and internal security and supporting  forces , who were wounded during military operations before December, 31, 2020 and got loans from public banks before the same date, will  benefit from these directives.
The Fund of martyrs and wounded will pay off the loans, and the amount will not be more than 5.000.000 Syrian pounds for each wounded military personnel.

President Al-Assad awards Director of the General Authority for Schools of Martyrs’ Sons and Daughters with Syrian Merit Medal

In recognition of her national career and great efforts in taking care of  the sons and daughters of martyrs in the humane, social and educational levels, President Bashar Al-Assad on Sunday awarded the Syrian Merit Medal of excellent class to Ms. Shahira Fallouh, Director of the General Authority for Schools of the Martyrs’ Sons and Daughters.

President Al-Assad and Mrs. Asma Al-Assad participate with the voluntary teams of Syrian students in afforestation of Harsh Al-Tufahaarea in Al-Drekish countryside

Tartous, (ST) - President Bashar Al-Assad and Mrs. Asma Al-Assad participated on Wednesday with a voluntary team of more than 300 male and female students  in the reforestation of Al-Tofahah Forest region (Al-Tofahah Harsh) in Al-Dreikish countryside, which was exposed to fires last year.

President Al-Assad and Mrs. Asma Al-Assad’s participation comes within the framework of a national voluntary campaign which was launched weeks ago and will continue to the end of next March.

This participation also comes with participation of a number of syndicates, organizations and NGOs, and aims at cultivating millions of forest and fruit plants in various Syrian provinces.

Raghda Sawas

President Al-Assad congratulates President Putin on the New Year: We look forward to more achievements in combating terrorism and enhancing bilateral relations

Damascus, (ST)   - President Bashar Al-Assad sent a cable of congratulations to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the occasion of New Year.

President Al-Assad extended to President Putin and through him to the friendly Russian people heartfelt congratulations and best wishes that this year brings more successes and progress for the Russian Federation at all levels.

His Excellency also hoped that bilateral relations will be even further consolidated in all fields for the benefit of the peoples of the two friendly countries.

Raghda Sawas