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President al-Assad to Arab Engineers: Dialogue between organizations and unions is a platform for discussing problems that Arab peoples suffer from

Damascus (ST): President Bashar al-Assad received today a delegation of the Union of Arab Engineers headed by Adel Al-Hadithi, Secretary-General of the Union.
 President al-Assad stressed the importance of dialogue between Arab organizations and unions as an opportunity to exchange ideas and professional and technical experiences, and a platform to discuss issues and problems that Arab peoples suffer from, and to propose solutions that can contribute to addressing them, considering that these organizations express the true pulse of Arab peoples and they play an important political and social role in achieving Arab popular cohesion.
President al-Assad pointed out that the main point in the work of organizations and unions lies in presenting them with unifying economic and technical projects and ideas that constitute a starting point for establishing joint Arab economies with a strategic vision based on the interests of Arab countries and peoples.
In turn, the members of the delegation stressed the paramount importance of inter-Arab investments and their great reflection in improving the reality of Arab peoples, and the role of unions in contributing to the achievement of these investments and removing the obstacles that could hinder them, considering that these investments should be directed first towards participating in the reconstruction of what was destroyed by terrorism in Syria.