President Al-Assad to a Lebanese delegation : Relations between the two countries should not be affected by changes and circumstances, but rather work must be done to strengthen them

President Bashar Al-Assad received today a Lebanese delegation headed by Talal Arslan, head of the Lebanese Democratic Party. The delegation includes clerics and dignitaries from the Al-Moahideen (Druz) Muslim sect, and Lebanese political ,economic, social and party figures.

During the meeting, President Al-Assad considered that the members of the delegation and the leaders comprising it represent the true face of Lebanon and express the majority of the Lebanese who believe in the necessity of the relationship with Syria and who were loyal to it during the years of war. President Al-Assad  noted that the relations between the two countries should not be affected by changes and circumstances, but rather work must be done to strengthen them, stressing that Syria will remain supportive of   the Lebanese people on various levels.

President al-Assad pointed out that the leaders who possess correct and clear vision are the ones who, through the mutual relationship with the people, can lead them to the right goal and stability and can protect them against the pitfalls at different times, in light of the attempts to dismantle the social and national structures in the region. Al-Assad stressed that the battle that Leaders must fight is the battle to protect minds from what is targeting them, which is the abolition and abandonment of identities.

In his turn, Talal Arslan affirmed in his speech that Syria gave the whole world a lesson in not submitting to the global colonial arrogance and aggression.  The suffering of the Lebanese and Syrians is the result of the new colonialism, which is trying to violate the rights of peoples and the dignity of nations. Everyone who is hostile to Syria is hostile to Lebanon and all civilizational Arabism because no patriot accepts the estrangement between Lebanon and Syria and because it constitutes an insult to Lebanon and a conspiracy against Syria, Arslan confirmed.

Sheikh Nasr al-Din al-Gharib, Sheikh Akl of the Druz Muslim sect in Lebanon, made it clear that the delegation came to Syria to congratulate the leadership and people on its victories over terrorism despite the great support provided to terrorist groups, affirming that no one can undermine the will of the Syrian people and that the Druz  Muslim sect will remain loyal to Syria and its people.

Wiam Wahhab, head of the Arab Unification Party, underlined the importance of Syria's role and position in the region, noting that the Arabs will not find a place for themselves among the regional powers except by returning to Syria.

The members of the delegation expressed their loyalty and thanks to the leadership and people of Syria for supporting Lebanon in the most difficult circumstances, noting that the relationship with Syria is an existential, historical and geographical relationship that some of those with losing foreign bets will not be able to distort its history. They praised the steadfastness of the army and the people in Syria in the face of conspiracies and projects that aimed at provoking wars in the region.

Inas Abdulkareem