President Al-Assad: The Palestinians' unity and adherence to their right to return must be the main element of the Palestinian liberation movement's battle

President Bashar Al-Assad on Saturday received Talal Naji, the Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine- General Command- and the accompanying delegation.

Talks dealt with developments in Syria and Palestine and with regional and international issues that are related to the situation in both countries.

President Al-Assad hailed the major role that has been  historically played by the Palestinian people and resistance forces in the struggle against the Zionist enemy.

He affirmed that the Palestinians' unity and adherence to their right to return to their homeland must continue to be the base and the main element of the battle of the Palestinian liberation movement.

President Al-Assad explained that the economic war and blockade facing Syria came after the aggression forces and their tools have failed to achieve their goal through military and security means, pointing out that the blockade imposed on the Syrian people aims at hitting the popular structure which has kept steadfast during the period of the global war on Syria. He reiterated that the Syrian people is able to surpass this stage and achieve complete victory.

 On his part, Naji highly appreciated Syria's firms stance in support of the Palestinian cause, hailing the wise and brave leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad as an exceptional Arab leader. He also hailed the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army and people in defense of just Arab causes.

He said that the Palestinian cause is facing major challenges in the light of the official Arab normalization with Israel, stressing that the unity of the Palestinian people and their resistance are the only option to fight frustration and division attempts and that rebuilding the Palestinian Liberation Organization according to a resistant political program is the goal of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine- General Command to rearrange the Palestinian ranks.

Hamda Mustafa