President Al-Assad discusses with Iranian Foreign Minister the strategic relations between the two countries

Damascus, (ST) - President Bashar Al-Assad received on Sunday Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdollahian and the accompanying delegation.

President Al-Assad discussed with Abdollahian the strategic relations between the two countries in addition to regional and international developments.

During the meeting, they discussed the steps taken by the two countries to enhance bilateral cooperation with the aim of reaching a higher level of partnerships at various levels and in the economic and commercial fields , so as to enable the two peoples to continue facing the repercussions of the blockade and sanctions imposed on the two countries as a result of their adherence to their sovereignty and the independence of their decisions.

 The meeting also dealt with the latest regional and international developments, especially the situation in Afghanistan and its repercussions on the region's security and stability in general.

Minister Abdullahian briefed President Al-Assad on what was reached at the “Cooperation and Partnership” conference held in Baghdad, where the two sides affirmed that the region’s future is made by the will of its people. He added that, the constructive cooperation with other countries is through responding to this will and not interfering in the internal affairs of their countries.

President Al-Assad affirmed that the existing and continuous cooperation between Syria and Iran has given positive results in protecting the interests ofthe two friendly countries and peoples. These results were especially in the field of combating terrorism, stressing that Syria will continue to fight terrorism until all lands are liberated from its control.

Abdullahian pointed out that Iran and Syria have achieved great victories in the fight against terrorism thanks to the joint will of the two countries.

He reiterated his country's continued support for Syria and its people to confront terrorism in all its forms, especially economic terrorism and its repercussions.

Raghda Sawas