President al-Assad offers condolences to President Putin on the victims of the civilian passenger plane crash

Damascus (ST):  President Bashar al-Assad today sent  a cable to Russian President Vladimir Putin, expressing his heartfelt condolences over the victims of the civilian passenger plane accident that crashed in the Russian Kamchatka region.

In his cable, President al-Assad said: “We were saddened by the news of the crash of a civilian passenger plane in the Kamchatka region, which resulted in the loss of lives. I extend to you and through you to the Russian people my deepest condolences, praying to God to inspire their families patience and serenity.

President al-Assad added: We share your feelings of sadness and pain over this unfortunate incident, and we hope that God will spare your country and your friendly people all harm and mischief.

Twenty-eight people were killed in the crash of a light-engine An-26 passenger plane in Russia's Far East Kamchatka Territory yesterday, according to a source in the Russian airlines.