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President Al-Assad chairs the Cabinet meeting

On Tuesday President Bashar Al-Assad chaired  the cabinet meeting and clarified  several issues related to services which are important to citizens. 
The president pointed out that the laws and legislations, which were issued recently for the interest of the citizens, prove that there is nothing impossible. 
“If we are unable to resolve all problems, we can resolve part of them,” he added.
President Al-Assad talked about the currency war where  the Syrian government made unprecedented achievements. 
“ In this type of war, people think that the solution requires adopting measures only ; however, the problem is bigger than that.. there are speculators and beneficiaries… and there is a war that is being led from abroad.,” the president added. 
He asserted that the tools of enemies in the currency war have become clear, so the Syrian government was able to  counter this war and mostly it was a  psychological war. 
The president said that it is important that people be aware of what is happening in the currency war as this war is of no lesser importance than the military one.
Moreover, the president urged the ministers to keep in touch with people as the policy of silence has proven its failure and it is important that adopted decisions be explained and dialogue be carried out with people. 
As for the problem of the rise of prices, President Al-Assad urged the Ministry of Internal Trade to issue a new law to prevent the illogical change of prices within hours. 
“ If the citizen does not stand by state institutions in the war, the institution will lose,” he stated.
President Al-Assad has underlined the importance of giving priority to the idea of production as resources are now limited. “ As long as there is resource scarcity, we have to use and distribute the resources in a good and wise way.”
He indicated that the best support will be offered to the governorate whose production is higher than the other governorates. “ The improvement of both economic and living conditions necessitates the running of production.”
Regarding corruption, the president made it clear that combating corruption requires the computerization of all services, including e-payment. 
President Al-Assad also talked about the measures adopted by the Syrian government during the past year to fight Covid-19, describing these measures as good in the light of the circumstances that Syria is going through. 
"Today, there is shortage of respirators and we will try to bring in more . Even in the developing countries there were shortages of respirators,” he clarified, referring to the importance of public awareness to avoid a big crisis in this field.
Basma Qaddour