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President Al-Assad orders securing 25 tons of oxygen as a first batch of aid to Lebanon amid coronavirus crisis

President Bashar Al-Assad has ordered securing 25 tons of oxygen as a first batch of medical aid to Lebanon amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis in the country.

Syria’s Health Minister Hassan Al-Ghabash met on Wednesday with Lebanon’s Caretaker Minister of Public Health Hamad Hassan to discuss the crisis that resulted from the vast outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic in Lebanon.

In a press conference following the meeting, Al-Ghabbash said that Syria will provide Lebanon with 75 tons of oxygen over three days in a way that doesn’t affect the availability of oxygen in Syria.

On his part, the Lebanese minister thanked President Al-Assad for the fraternal and responsible response which will help in saving the lives of many Lebanese, stressing that “we have shared many honorable stances, and today we are sharing the battle against the corona epidemic”.

He said that “after the Lebanese hospitals have run out of oxygen, we requested oxygen supplies from the Syrian health Ministry and the response was very quick.”

 He pointed out that “currently there are a thousand patients using ventilators, and the amount of oxygen we have is sufficient for today only.” He stressed that "despite the increasing demand for oxygen in Syria, Syria agreed to our request and this confirms our brotherly relations".

Hamda Mustafa