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President Al-Assad and his wife recovering from COVID-19

The health condition of President Bashar Al-Assad and the First Lady, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, is gradually getting better as they are in the phase of recovery from COVID-19, the Syrian Presidency announced on Wednesday.

In news posted on its facebook account, the presidency said citing the national medical team supervising the treatment process that “nine days after President Al-Assad and Mrs. Asma were infected with the COVID-19 virus, the laboratory and radiological indicators of their health condition are gradually returning to their normal values and they are reassuring.”

The team stressed that that they are in the recovery phase.

 The presidency added that it had stressed earlier that President Al-Assad and his wife are following up their work during their home quarantine period, and they will return to their work normally after the end of the quarantine and after ensuring that the PCR test has become negative.

Earlier this month, the Presidency announced that President Al-Assad and Mrs. Asma Al-Assad had tested positive for COVID-19 and that their health condition was stable.

Hamda Mustafa